Wednesday, February 8, 2017

UFO Quilt Projects

I am a lover of things that are pretty.  And I love to flip through a very visually pleasing quiltbook and dream about where I could put some of the quilts in my home.  Which has lead to many, many quilttops.  Not completed to be called a quilt, they are called by quilters UFO's.  Unfinished Obstacles!!!  Although I think some people may call them objects, for me they are obstacles.  I find I can't move on when I have a stack of them staring straight at me!! LOL  Soooo I am trying so hard to complete some in between other projects.  And here is my first one. 

That Quilt on the back of the chair is called Temperance click on the word to see original post.  I made it back in May of 2015 and just finally hand quilted and binded it.  I have to say I love the process of doing it by is relaxing for me.  I added some lace into the binding to give it a lady  Hopefully I will be back even more this year with more completions as time allows.  Heres to a blessed day! 


  1. I struggle to finish things. I'm off to the next one before I finish the first lol. I love your meaning of UFO.


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