Wednesday, May 31, 2017

June 1st Quilt along Parade

What?  It's JUNE 1st. Where did 2017 take off too?  I find as I get older time just whizzes by and doesn't care if it's fast to me, but when I was soooo very young all I could do is watch the clock and the hands of time never  Anyone there with me?

EDIT:  If you just found us or are wanting more info on the quiltlaong here is the breakdown of the Quiltalong in this post....we are working from these two books this year and you can join at any time!!!!


But for today I have a lovely show of small quilts to share with you!  This was a simple quilt but fun to put together and it went fast right along with 2017...they must have been holding hands! Haha

So let us begin with a lovely parade by some very talented quilters!

First up we have Cathys colorful top!  Very pretty nice colors they just pop and look so cheerful!

Next up in a beautiful Blue and cream is Judy's...she wrote It measures 12” by 14”.  It was fun to make.Real nice Job Judy!  You can find her blog here:

 and next up is Robin, here's what she said... Split Squares with some French General charm squares I had on hand.  I used fewer blocks so it measures about 16.5 x 20 inches.

And lastly Mine, I must confess I have had  my top finished for some time now  but didn't quilt it yet..... I am hoping to complete it sometime this week....but for now this is what I have.....I made it original size and after seeing the smaller version I wish I would have made mine smaller as well!

Beautifully done ladies!!!!  And now for next months challenge we go to the Small and Scrappy book by Kathleen Tracy....turn to page 20-21 and find your "BLUE AND WHITE!"

I think this is so darling and can't wait to make it look antique.....maybe even hand quilt it!!! 
Can't wait to see what you come up with....remember you can join at any time...just email me your photo of your finished quilt or quilttop  before the last day of the month along with a link to your blog.  See you all soon and enjoy all the eye candy!!!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy Mail Day!!!

Don't you love it when you get fun stuff in the mail? Even if you sent it to yourself... hehe.
Well today was THAT day for me.  I love shopping at Fat Quarter Shop. Such great turn around time and great products!  I was floating around the web drooling at some other quilts blogs and when I was poking around Camilles blog she was raving about Little House pins. So I went on a search and FQS had them! So I decided a little retail therapy was in order! Let me first say I did call my local Quilt shops and neither of the two had any, so I turned to the web.  I support local when I can because these people are our neighbors so try to support local when you can!

Anyway... I will just leave you with some eye candy.  Here is what I purchased

Little House Pins

Moda Tin Boxes

I absolutely love those Moda tin boxes...I have many of them and they are so handy!  The pins are so very sharp and go in like Butta, and that fabric....sigh...Lori Holt knows how to design what I like
Right from inside my head! LOL. I will be back soon with more to show you, because I had another day of happy Mail.....until then....

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Quilt Along May 2017

Hi everyone!  Hope your all well and still with me.  Had to take a bit of a break to deal with some pretty serious stuff.  Now things have settled down a bit and we are finding our new normal.  So the last Quilt along was not well received which kind of surprised me but only Robin, Mandy and I participated.  Nonetheless I am still going to showcase our quilts and issue the new Challenge for the June Quiltalong.  So we left off with The Disappearing Four Patch.

Here is Robins, beautiful job as always with her quilting!  Nice job Robin

Mandy used lovely soft colors of white and lavender

And now mine
I decided to double the width just because no real 
 I love the way it showcases my candle holder, gives it a kind of Little house on the prairie feel. 

So that was the big show.  Now onto next month.....Due on or before May 31st for the June first show.

I do hope you participate, now we are getting back on track!

Okay so hop on into your book

and open to page 21

This is a really fun project!  Hope to see what different fabrics you all come up with!!! See you all soon~~ Until then, enjoy the sunshine!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Tea Cup Exchange

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share with you about a Teacup exchange I recently joined and today is REVEAL day!!!
( my apologies for the delay as I just got a new IPhone 7 and could not for the life of me figure out how to upload the photos!  Sheesh!!!).

Stephanie over at The Enchanting Rose hosted the 10th  exchange and she always does such a lovely job!  Her blog is beautiful eye candy and she is so uplifting.  Go hop over and check it out.  If you click the link it will take you to see the exchange of other cups with out a blog.

Okay so I was given Cindy over at Consider it all joy, which I hope to meet in person one day as she has family in the next town over from me!!!  She has a very dear child Madi, that would enjoy meeting my girls I bet, and so I made sure that Madi had something special as well in the package!!  She is starting to decorate in an Beachy theme so the girls and I set out and this is what we found for her....a few of the items were handmade by me...can you guess which ones?

Mug mats

A stick pin


And I Recieve my package from Mary in Conneticut and WOW OH WOW was my package ever beautiful and packed full of beautiful things!!!  I was so happy, everything was gorgeous...take a lookat this eye candy!!
Look at all the fun stuff!!  Now to highlight

                                             Lots of delightful tea! 
The teacup....OH MY!!!  It came in that cute box along with a special spoon and two honey spoons!!

3 lovely scented candles which I will be using on my back porch where I spend a lot of evenings with the family and we always have candles going!

Oh be still my heart.....FABRIC!!!  Mary was so sweet to indulge me in some fabrics for my favorite pastime which is quilting.  Thank you so much I will be definitely be using these!  So very pretty!

Okay so I love, love, love little things....and this little ornament is so very cute I can hardly contain my delight!!!  I am in a happy place.

I am suspecting that Mary made this very pretty and springy table runner for me, it is on my formal dining table right now and is so very lovely.

Not sure how Mary knew I LOVE sunbonnet Sue!!!  She embroidered these towels just for me!! Even has my name on them!  Thank you so much!

and this lovely homemade card to boot!!  Mary hit it right out of the park with my package.....I was so moved by all the details and how she picked things that are special to Mary Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart!!  I LOVED EVERYTHING!!!!!!

To Stephanie, Thank you for pairing me up with two very lovely ladies!!!

Well my friends I hope you enjoyed the overload of beauty!  I will be back to post very soon, for those of you in the quilt club I apologize but we had a lot of not so fun things to take care of the past two months and now I think things are finally settling down.  See you very soon!!!


Thursday, March 2, 2017

March 1st Quiltalong Parade!!!

Hello everyone and welcome to the March 1st Quiltalong Parade!  I am really loving all the color that was used in this months Quiltalong Soaring Triangles.  But before I get started on the Parade I just HAVE to show you what just happened......

                                                        Meet Tallgrass Miss Remington
She is the newest addition to our family and let me tell you she is the sweetest most affectionate, loving dog....EVER.   Tallgrass Miss Remington is her formal papered name, we call her


We rescused her out of Washington from a family that could no longer keep her as they had 3 very young ones and another dog.  Remi is just 1 year 9 months and is a Gordon Setter.  She is our 3rd Gordon and they make the best pets.  The bottom picture was taken as my husband left for work.  He flew up to Washington to pick her up and drove back with her and they had 8 hours to bond.  She is his shadow when he is home.  Its really cute the watch the two of them! 

Okay, Okay I know that is not why your here but I just had to gush about her.....

Now onto the Spectacular, Colorful Parade!!!!!

First up is Mandy from the UK!  She was on it this month, she submitted hers in the middle of February! 
Here's what she said: "I didnt have the book or pattern so i used my knowledge of sewing to complete the blocks.   I love how its turned out too - would be nice done in just, say white and blue , with different shades of blue . I may make another one just to see what it turns out like."
Amazing Talent Mandy!!!

Next up is Judy, she did a really nice job with color selection.  Love the red center and how it progresses from blue to green really reminds me of the ocean...nice color selection!
Robin who has been with me I believe since the beginning is someone who I aspire to be....she gets it done from A-Z in lightening speed and her quilting is always beautiful.  Here's what Robin wrote
"  I had a set of charm squares (Jelly Bean by Laundry Basket Quilts) that I had bought on sale ages ago.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!"  So am I Springy!

Laurie has also been with me about the same amount of time as Robin!  And she is not short of Talent either...I am really liking all the Bright pink in this one coupled with the flower print..... makes me dream of spring.
and last up is mine.  I choose a Betsy Chuchains charm pack.  After I started sewing all the pieces and ironing them opened my first thought was, "this is gonna look like a Halloween quilt"  but after I layed out all the pieces I thought hey this isn't so bad!!!  I added a border to it to give it that pop  What do you think?

And now wait no more for Next months Selection!!!  Going back to Kathleen Tracy's book
Small and Scrappy we will be doing "Disappearing Four-Patch Runner"

Here's what I figured....its tax season....I am going to be drowning in paperwork and receipts so I thought I would pick a quick  one for this month.  Can't wait to see what you gals come up with!!!  Please remember to leave some love for these very talented ladies!!!  If your new and want to join along here is the Original Post:

Until next time!!!  I will be reviewing a great iron to keep by your machine!!!  stay tuned!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

I found a better way to make HST!!

Hello out there!  Last night I sat down to start making my QAL project for this month.  You see I have been trying to figure out an easier way to make HST (half square triangles) by using a square and not having to worry about stretching the seam because it is on the bias and a triangle. 

Enter an article I remembered reading so I ended up doing a tutorial for you so you can make up the HST lickity split.  And the best part, this way makes 8 using two charm squares!  Here is a pictorial for you, I will explain as I go along.....warning not the greatest pictures, I used my phone and I kept creating shadows...oh well....

Using my handy tool I told you about in my last blog post I drew two sewing lines down the center corner to corner on either side of the tool.
  Did it again from the other corner to make an X
 Next I sewed down ALL THE LINES
 Using my ruler I measure 2 1/2 inches from the center of the square to the end then cut top to bottom, right over the seams.
 Next I cut again down the center of the half cut measuring 2 1/2 inches.
 This left me with 4 squares that measure 2 1/2 incles with two sewing lines corner to I measured right between those sewing lines and cut to form HST.
 Look at all that wonder!!!!  (the pictures shows two of my blocks ,I was having fun!
 Next here is my placement, cut off the dogears (figuratively NOT literally)
 sew it all together to reveal your square!!! trim up if necessary!  I am sure this quilt is going to go by so fast and probably not so crooked for me from stretching the bias the way it shows to cut it in the book!  Have fun making HST people!!!  Let me know in the comments below if this was helpful and if you tried this method!
See you soon!!!