Thursday, February 9, 2017

I found a better way to make HST!!

Hello out there!  Last night I sat down to start making my QAL project for this month.  You see I have been trying to figure out an easier way to make HST (half square triangles) by using a square and not having to worry about stretching the seam because it is on the bias and a triangle. 

Enter an article I remembered reading so I ended up doing a tutorial for you so you can make up the HST lickity split.  And the best part, this way makes 8 using two charm squares!  Here is a pictorial for you, I will explain as I go along.....warning not the greatest pictures, I used my phone and I kept creating shadows...oh well....

Using my handy tool I told you about in my last blog post I drew two sewing lines down the center corner to corner on either side of the tool.
  Did it again from the other corner to make an X
 Next I sewed down ALL THE LINES
 Using my ruler I measure 2 1/2 inches from the center of the square to the end then cut top to bottom, right over the seams.
 Next I cut again down the center of the half cut measuring 2 1/2 inches.
 This left me with 4 squares that measure 2 1/2 incles with two sewing lines corner to I measured right between those sewing lines and cut to form HST.
 Look at all that wonder!!!!  (the pictures shows two of my blocks ,I was having fun!
 Next here is my placement, cut off the dogears (figuratively NOT literally)
 sew it all together to reveal your square!!! trim up if necessary!  I am sure this quilt is going to go by so fast and probably not so crooked for me from stretching the bias the way it shows to cut it in the book!  Have fun making HST people!!!  Let me know in the comments below if this was helpful and if you tried this method!
See you soon!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

UFO Quilt Projects

I am a lover of things that are pretty.  And I love to flip through a very visually pleasing quiltbook and dream about where I could put some of the quilts in my home.  Which has lead to many, many quilttops.  Not completed to be called a quilt, they are called by quilters UFO's.  Unfinished Obstacles!!!  Although I think some people may call them objects, for me they are obstacles.  I find I can't move on when I have a stack of them staring straight at me!! LOL  Soooo I am trying so hard to complete some in between other projects.  And here is my first one. 

That Quilt on the back of the chair is called Temperance click on the word to see original post.  I made it back in May of 2015 and just finally hand quilted and binded it.  I have to say I love the process of doing it by is relaxing for me.  I added some lace into the binding to give it a lady  Hopefully I will be back even more this year with more completions as time allows.  Heres to a blessed day! 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Product reviews

So recently I stumbled on some really great products that I just had to share them with you.  Let me first say I have not been paid by any of these companies or received these products free.  I have purchased all of them while I was out and about.

Okay so the very first product I found yesterday while at Joanne Fabric and crafts while shopping with my husband.  The cut counter was sooooo backed up and I had my number I started wandering.  Well I was in the Quilting tool area, hubby was looking at the spring yard items I found this VERY AWESOME TOOL EVERY quilter Must have in the tool caddy.

This is a three Marking Ruler set.


Why do I need this tool you ask?  WELL,  if you need to mark off let's say half square triangles it is perfect.  I have snapped a little tutorial for a visual.

So here I have placed the ruler down the center.  The center line will be the cutting line, to each side is a perfect 1/4" either side

Next I will take my vanishing marker and mark down each side of the ruler

There ya go!  Just sew on the marked lines!  Simple but so awesome!!! These are made by Omnigrid so you know it's quality!!!  Thank you Omnigrid for making a great marking tool!!!

Okay so one day I am scrolling through Facebook and this ad pops up for these vanishing markers, they are called U top Auto Marking Pen.  They are FABULOUS!!!!!!
And now I don't know where to get them but will keep looking, if you find them let me know!!!

Next up by Clover is a 1/4" Bias maker and tape.  Now you put the fabric through to make your bias strip, then you feed the tape  through the top while feeding the fabric sticks to the fabric then you peel back the tapper and iron it onto the project.  Genius!!!

Now the last item, I was watching Fons and Porter on ├┤ur PBS station and they were giving tips at the end of the segment.  One writer wrote in and gave the tip to cut pieces of vinyl, the clear kind to fit around your thread  to keep your thread from unraveling!  I made sure the seam was cover by at least 1" to really get the vinyl to stick....isn't that smart!!!  This is why I was at Joanne's in the first place to buy a small piece of vinyl and found the marking tool!!  LOL. It pays to wander!  So that is my two cents.  Hope you have luck finding these products!  Until next time.
( sorry I got the last two photos backwards, the top one of the thread is the finished product, my iPad won't let me change it unless I rewrite this entire post.)

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

First Quilt Along Parade 2017

Be My Valentine!!

I am so thrilled to be back doing the QAL for 2017.  I trust everyone has settled into 2017 and excited to be back to normal after the holidays.  I know I sure am!!!   I have to tell you as soon as I finished my quilt I decided my craft room wasn't working for me.  Ever get that way you feel creatively blocked because of your surroundings?  I just could not "feel it"  so grabbed up the family and we headed to Home Depot.  There my hubby bought me a shelving unit and put it together and I have been cleaning out...rearranging and filling new bins to feel more organized.  I am almost done and just can't wait to pull it all together.  One thing I can tell you, I have WAAYYYYY to much stuff!!! In fact I believe if I sewed everyday for the rest of my life I will still have a bunch left over! LOL  anyone else with me on this?  Or is it just me? 

Okay , Okay I will stop chattering and get to the fun stuff!  The Quilt Along.........

This month we did the "Be My Valentine" out of Kathleen Tracy's Small and Scrappy Book and it was a very cute and pretty easy quilt!  I really enjoyed doing mine.  I have to say the entries this month are all darling....they all turned out cute.  So without further adu I will present the quilts then at the end will announce next months quilt!

Okay first up we have Robin!  Robin is probably the FASTEST quilter I know! LOL  She quilts at record speed and let me tell you, EVERYTHING LOOKS FABULOUS!!!!   and what a cute display.  I really like the colors, just so lovely.

Next up we have Mandy from the UK she is back!!  I like how she used different boarders!  Very creative and the plum colors are really pretty, super job and love the color choices.
Next up we have Laurie, she named hers Strawberry Lemonade and I can see why!  The soft colors are so pretty and make me want to have spring....Right.  Now!!  However we are buried in snow, I believe there is still 3 feet out on my yard!  But I will dream of spring with Lauries quilt!  Great job.

And lastly is mine...I really enjoyed making this quilt and how easy it went together. We will enjoy it for the month of February! 

And now for next month,  I thought we would do one out of the other book "Sew Charming"  from Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene no more waiting turn to page 72 

Soaring Triangles

I just love this pattern, hope you will too!!!  Color choice is all yours!! If your new to the group join in anytime.  Email me a photo of your completed quilt or quilt top by the end of  February in time for the March 1st Parade!  Just email it to me!  Hope you enjoyed the parade! 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Well Hello again!  I bet your anxiously awaiting the first challenge!!! Well I started to look ahead at the next holiday and wanted to grace my table with something festive.  One of the things I have decided for this year is decorate our eat in kitchen table with a festive season appropriate quilt and centerpiece.  For some seasons I have flimsy tops that need finished and for some I don't have any made yet so we will be seeing that working for me during this challenge.

Sooooooo, since it is the first week in January, that seems so odd to say, I am thinking hearts for my February table and if you have had a chance to browse through the book you may have seen the adorable " Be My Little Valentine" on page 14 of Kathleen Tracy's book, "Small & Scrappy"

 Now for a few rules for the newbies.  You can choose your colors, add to make it bigger, or make it smaller if you wish.  When the top is finished, it can with be a top or totally completed and quilted, take a picture and send it to my gmail
Tildahawthorne @gmail. Dot com

Send a clear photo by the end of the month, if you can make it by the 28th that gives me time to put it together but definitely by the last day! and I will post it on this blog in parade fashion the first of the next month, where you see a beautiful selection of variations interpreted by each individual participating. I also encourage you to leave some love, it's nice to feel your spreading some kindness❤️

Monday, January 2, 2017

Welcome 2017

Happy New Year!!  I am so excited to start this new year fresh.  It has been a Loooooonnnng few months.  Summer brought 4 major surgeries rolled into one for me and the recovery was rough to say the least but I am feeling pretty good right now to start back up with our Quilt of the Month challenge!!!  I also had an absolutely WONDERFUL visit by my Oldest brother and his wife who came out to Idaho to visit from my mother country (hehe) New York. They were here a little over a week and we just had a blast!    Yep I that is where I am from, Brooklyn!  First Generation American.  We had the best time and it was a welcome break from all this resting!!! 

  I am hoping to many of you didn't jump ship on me and will join in whenever time allows and by all means feel free to tell your friends or post it on your boards or as your status.

Okay so I have two books that are just absolutely SUPER!!!!  I bought them both for myself as a Christmas gift to me and if you joined in my last Quilt of the month challenge then you'll like what I am thinking! hehe.  so here are the two titles

They are both OUTSTANDING!!!  And I purchased both of them on Amazon.  Easy peasy and they shipped very fast!  So if you want to join in please do!!!  I was thinking we would work from both books.  Please leave me a note and let me know what you think, if you would be ready to take the challenges!!  I am also thinking there may be a month of two where I throw out two challenges.  Leave me some love in the comments and I consider all suggestions. 

I do hope your 2017 is off to a good start and your enjoying the afterglow of Christmas.  I will meet you back here soon to post the first challenge....hint:  it will be out of the book Small & Scrappy by Kathleen Tracy.  Glad we're back and hoping for a great year ahead!!

Happy New Year!!! 

Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy July 1st Parade!!! and Updates!

Well Hello everyone!!  Happy July 1st.

  I know its been real quiet but I have had a very difficult time recovering.  I had 3 major surgeries rolled into one and I ended up one pretty tired, slow moving, sore cookie.  But the good news is I am finally on the upswing.  Praise God, He is faithful.  And I can also tell you my family is awesome....Hubby stepped right up and took charge of everything and did a fantastic job.  He had a couple of weeks off and really took very good care of me and the girls.  And the girls, oh they were so very helpful.  They did not like seeing their Mama is "disrepair"  LOL  I really truly am so very greatful to them.

  I have been a SAHM for the most part during this 29 year Marriage.  I only worked when the girls were in school for a few of the years somewhere during that stint.  So I have basically run the household during that entire time while hubby worked his tail off so I could be home for the girls.
And to see him just step into my roll, do all my chores and his....yeah, he is amazing.

Okay so enough of all that goo......There is a parade we must get too!!!!  I felt so badly that first my computer decided to not be cooperative for  June parade, then the while I was down and you guys sent me pictures of your absolutely BEAUTIFUL quilts I safely tucked them away and worked on getting this Parade Moving!!!  So I have combined Both June and July into one parade and ladies the quilts are STUNNING!!!  yippe!! 

So first lets get to what is coming up next.....this is one that I have wanted to do for so long and well, there is no time like the present!!!  This one is cute and I can see Raggedy Ann and Andy in a little vinette with this quilt.  So please turn to Page 237 to Vintage Bow Ties!!!  Now be sure to read to the end of this post.....I ISSUED A CHALLENGE FOR COLOR IN THE LAST FEW SENTENCES!! hehe

So I will start with the June Parade and we did the pattern Decoy, I love, love , love this quilt.....It was a fun pattern and easy to put Here we go!!!

First up we have Robin, she said its been on her list for awhile so I am glad we finally got to it for her!  She used a patriotic combo and it is very pretty!  I like the way she Quilted it and the binding really makes the pinwheels pop!

Sandy used the French Generals Le Bouquet and it is a Romantic combo which also sports a patriotic flare and very pretty quilting!

Mickey sent me two pictures to share and its really cute in the way she displayed it and she made it a smaller quilt....the dolly is adorable and so is the crib!!!

Kay sent hers in and I have to say I love the clothesline!  I know in this part of the world it is very rare to see a clothesline!  I love parents are from Europe (Italy) and I grew up with clothes on a clothesline and we only used the dryer on rainy its all I use...hmmmmm Anyway, I really like Kays color choices!!  Very pretty!

And finally is mine from the June Parade, Mine is still a flimsy and hopefully now that I am feeling a bit better I can finish it!  I too chose patriotic colors.  I was hoping to have it finished by the fourth but I am not to sure.  We will see......

Now for the July Parade I just said make what you would like!  It could be any one either out of the book or out of your UFO's  but it was all your choice......I didn't get anything done! So Congrats to Kay and Robin for participating and getting stuff done!!!

Robin Chose Pinwheel Charm on page 207 using an acrylic template sent to her by her SQT partner who actually made this quilt full sized and was published in One patch Scrap Quilts...Robin chose
Civil war Repro prints......its absolutely stunning Robin!
and now last but certainly not least Kay was a very busy lady!!!  Not only did she make One, Not just two but THREE quilts!!!  She was having so much fun she continued on with two others using up her scraps from the first!! Way to go Kay!   She chose Strippy Triangles for her July Quilt

And finished it up with these two

So WOW you ladies did a FABULOUS Job!!!!!!  Can't wait to see the colorways you use in the August Parade, the ONLY challenge, Use colors you have been "Saving" for that Special Project one day!!! hehe  Have fun and see you at the next Parade!!!  Well hopefully WAY before then, I am hoping to be blogging a lot more now that I am out of the woods!!!!  God Bless YOU!!!!!