Sunday, June 30, 2013


Hi Everyone!  I know its been a month since I posted any pictures , and I do have more quilt tops finished but just have not had an extra minute of time to post them. Are you living where it is HOT?  Today we hit the second day of 100+ temps and its only going to get worse for us, expecting temps up to 110!   And we are in the NORTHWEST people!!!!!

We have been busy with our two Special Olympians!! They did really well in State games and brought home Gold, Silver and Bronze!!! Proud of our girls.

Okay onto Dulcinea.....had a few challenges with this one , mainly because of so many distractions....became reacquainted with my seam ripper, which I didn't care to become friends with! lol  But alas, I am finshed!!!  I love, love , love the fabrics from Moda's  Chateau Rouge , By French General.  The colors are so rich and flavorful.  The boarder is also by French General but from a different line....something to do with Chocolate....but still gorgeous.

Wait no longer because here it is....and now I will eagerly await July's AYOS pattern....I am so excited...I love making these little Schnibbles...they are perfect for décor.....Until my next post!  Hope your having a happy summer!

                                           That is a bowl of wooden beans from Costa Rica, aren't they awesome?

                                          I did change it up just a bit with a straight border and added some
                                          Yoyo's to the center of each whirligig.
 Upclose of my quilting.....First I stitched in the ditch around each block, then I free motion quilted the boarders and in the red part of the whirlygigs.  Enjoy!



  1. Beautiful! I love the French General fabric. I used the French General fabric in my Dulcinea.

  2. Your Dulcinea is just lovely :-)

  3. I'm curious as to just where you are. I'm in Vancouver WA, where we were supposed to reach 96-99 on Monday and Tuesday. Luckily it didn't make it - we were in the low 90's. We live without air conditioning, and even the lower 90's is just TOO hot! Are you a bit east? Maybe Bend or Ellensburg or Yakima? I'm not aware that anywere west of the mountains was predicted to reach 110. How totally awful!!!!

    Your Dulcinea turned out very nicely. The yoyo's are a fun accent, and a great way to hide points that don't quite match (and I'm NOT implying that is true in your case, so please don't take offense.) I've just become acquainted with French General - that's what happens when one takes a 2-3 break from quilting to knit and hand spin - and I've already accumulated a significant stash of them. What a great table topper this makes!

  4. Hey Patti,

    Thanks for stopping by! And thank you for the compliments!!! I used the Yoyo's because this quilt reminded me of whirlygigs. I was browsing blogs when I stumbled upon someone making these squares using the ruler by Quilt in a day which makes it almost impossible to have unmatched points! My first EVER!! LOL Yes I am in Idaho! and we have had a spell of it!!! I think we have had now day 5 in the 100's...just awfully hot! We have central air thank goodness!!! I insisted we buy a Manufactured home WITH A/C! lol Its suppose to cool down to upper 90's the rest of the week then back up is so NOT normal for us to be this hot. We usually don't see 100's until mid August. I can't wait until fall!


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