Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Home again....................

Ahhhhh I just love vacation...this year we decided to do a road trip.  Yup, that is what we planned and I must say it was the BEST vacation EVER!  We headed out of here and the first night landed in Burns, Oregon, then onto Crater Lake.....Gorgeous isn't the word.  It just strikes you how amazing our God really is!! The beauty he has created is beyond words!  After a few hours observing we headed to our next stop, Grants Pass, Oregon.  Cute little town.  Our next big adventure was The Redwood Forrest....WOW O WOW~~ NOw that is a site to see!!  I was just Awestruck by the beauty of all the trees!  Crazy big trees!  Next stop was Brookings....not  a bad little town...Great fish dinner and a wonderful couple of Quilt shops.  Next Morning off to Florence, Oregon...I could live there!  After playing for two days there we headed over to Sisters to see some family and of course more quilt stores!! hehe.  After a wonderful time there we headed back home the next day but after we visted a few cute little towns and their shops and a Ghost town!  All in all It was AWESOME!  I have pictures of my quilt shop haul....let me tell you there were a "few" shops that I visited and I can tell you my awesome hubby found them and let me shop!  It was great. I do have to mention however, finding Civil War prints anywhere on the Western coast and Mid Oregon is quite a challenge....when I asked several of the Quilt Shop owners if they carried any they looked at me like I had three heads and said they don't do those dark colors....and one said it is so gloomy over here so much we only sell brights....I probably would have purchased so much more if I had found Civil war prints.  In the 10 shops I visited only ONE has a handful and as you can see I snapped them up!  Tonight I am posting My haul and soon I will post all the beauty we saw!  I just have to upload and crop my photo's.  That will take time because I took over 1000 photos!!! gasp!  but for now here are the cute things I found in the quilt shops along the way!  Enjoy!  P.S.  Notice Sherri's book !!  LOVE IT!!! You really need to check it out....Packed with FABULOUS projects!!! 


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