Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Great Find!!

The other day I was in my LQS (local Quilt Store) just browsing around and stumbled upon these:

Aren't they great!  What are they you ask?  Thread Holders!!!! G E N I U S!!!!!!  If you look close in this picture you will see the thread in the hole .

  You set the container lid side down and just pull the amount you need!  No more chasing the ball on the floor when it slips from your hand and rolls and unravels!  AND no more taggled threads in my basket!  Woohoo! 

At first I only purchased 4 of these lovelies, went home and used one.....I was taken....hook, line and what do I do?  What any normal gal does, went back an bought them all!  I have a lot of these balls so I bought enough to put all my threads in them and have only one empty left now I will have one left to fill.

So that's my great find.....enjoy!


  1. I found those on ebay I think for like nothing...I love them!

    Peggy in NJ

    1. How cool, what did you find them under?


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