Friday, June 27, 2014

Mid Month Quilt Along by Fig Tree Quilts!

One day while shopping online at Fig Tree Quilts I saw a really cute Cherry quilt and I wondered if I purchased the downloadable pattern could I make it a small quilt....its just math afterall!  Well low and behold I had looked back a couple of days later and THERE IT WAS!!!  In all of its Mini Glory!!!  So I wrote Joanna, who btw is a very nice lady, and asked If she minded that I did a Quilt along using this pattern!  She agreed so here we are with her permission! Isn't it DARLING!!!  Will make a great summer table display!

So all you have to is go here and purchase your pattern, downloadable in PDF form, choose the fabrics of your choice and then email me the completed quilt in a photo and wait for the parade on Monday,  July 21!  That simple!  Tildagirl@ msn dot com that is where you send it!

until next time...................


  1. I do not know where to send my picture??? I sent an email and never received an answer back about where to send it. Can anyone help? Thank you

  2. Tildagirl@msn dot com

    Thanks so much!


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