Thursday, February 19, 2015

Over 100 years old.............

Not me, but some days I feel that way!! LOL  Actually this year I will be celebrating the 1/2 century mark, even tho I don't feel like I am that age, I still think I am so much more younger, well at least my mind, my joints are another story! LOL

Back to the subject at hand....I was shopping in my local Antique store that I try to visit once a month because the inventory changes all the time.  I walked in and BOOM!!!  There it was , in all its glory hanging on a quilt rack was this gorgeous quilt, hand pieced and quilted.....I felt like I was in a dream when I looked at the price tag!!!  Then the shop owner made me a deal....

Take a look, I will be right back after the photo's to tell you my deal!!!

yes there are a few stains and I will be giving it a bath to try and remove said stains but either way its beautiful!!!  I wish it could speak because I would love to know the story.  What the shoppe owner could tell me is that it was Pre WWI  !!!  Crazy, so I said it is lovely , they said well we can give you a better deal because the owner just wants it to go to a good home to someone that can care for it.....Well then how much?  We can do .....are you ready for it???????????????????
$60 !!!!!!  I couldn't believe my mind, I almost had to pinch myself because I never believe it could be real that I can own a quilt that old for so little!!!!  you see quilts this age in this condition can usually fetch so much more!!!  And so now it will have a bath and a place of honor in my home!  

Now of course I did alittle more shopping and have to show you what I came away with.....

This one isn't anything facy but it is pretty, so it came home with me...hehe

Love the roses on the next two.....

This one they tell me is pre WWII , It has an opulecent finish...just gorgeous. And I love the feet!

This bag holder is from Germany and was just so cute!

Now this next one is my favorite, it is very small and just so delicate also English...but just so lovely!

And lastly was this quilt kit!!!  Just sew the pieces together is all!!!  And the price, not sure if you can read it...was only $3.50!!!!  So that made its way into my basket! 

all in all it was a great haul!  I was so very happy!!!  Until next time, have a Blessed day!


  1. I would love to shop in your part of the world. You really did great. I am so happy for you. The quilt is fantastic. Hope it cleans up well. And all those pretty tea cups! So very pretty. I love those pre-cut quilt kits. Sometimes you just want to turn the sewing machine on and sew!

  2. Gorgeous and only $60.00!! What an incredible find, sweet friend. The quilt is a work of art and it has definitely gone to a good home :)

    Your tea cups are simply lovely. Happy weekend to you. Hugs!


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