Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Beautiful Teacup find!

If your here from Stephanie's Roses of Inspiration Link up Party welcome to my blog!  If you've never been to her party you must go!  Just click the link for tons of warmth and inspiration!

On my way home from Church on Sunday I happened upon an Estate Sale sign and well , I am easily persuaded when it comes to an estate sale!!!  So my Van knowing this happily complied and turned and drove right to the sale!!!  Good van Good!  lol

So I walked it and I am telling you the music qued, the lights shone, the teacups sparkeled and were singing, COME BUY ME!!!!!  What is a girl to do?  Well buy them of course!!!  And so here they are and I am going to share them with you!!!!!  Take a look at the detail, just so pretty, feminine and delicate!!!

ALL 8 of them for only $45!!!!!  Bone china are some, Germany, Japan and England....They are all my favorite, I just can't pick one!!!!

This one I loved because of the bird, when I turned it over I had to laugh, its  TELEFLORAL!!!!  Which means someone recieved flowers in this lovely, but I didn't care that it wasn't anything fancy, I just love the birds and butterflies!!!!

This one, well I almost couldn't breathe when I saw it....it is handpainted.....I had to have this one!

Now I am not sure about you but blue teacups are hard to come by in these parts and its my favorite color so yep, you guessed it, I had to have it!

And this delicate Rose, just so lovely/

Another BLUE ONE!!!! What are the chances????

And this one, oh my it made my heart skip a beat!!!!!!  I love, love, love this one.....isn't it beautiful!!!!!!

Now I need to show you what I have been up to, I have been busy making these.....tell me honestly what do you think?  Do you think they would sell?  I am making them for a craft show in November. I know November seems so far away but I have so many ideas of things to make I have to start now!!!!  

So lovely people have a great Tuesday and remember God is Love and HE LOVES Y O U!!!!!!!


  1. Beautiful teacups! Your pins look great too!

  2. My great grandmother collected tea cups..I have one of hers...I LOVE That second blue one best--these are hard to pass up! Your stillettos are great too..I think they would sell! :)

  3. Wonderful teacups. A friend made me a pin cushion teacup and I love it.

  4. Oh my, my! These are just so very gorgeous! How I love tea cups... I have been so encouraged to continue growing my little collection, thank you:). Hugs to you!

  5. You happened upon a beautiful group of tea cups. They are all so pretty and special. I do love the pincushion you have created with the very pretty pins. I do believe they would sell. Good luck to you. Happy Crafting.

  6. Oooh boy, I would have bought those tea cups as well. I love them all. I think I must start to restrict what I buy though. Maybe I will just concentrate on collecting Violets. I love estate sales. Especially the last days when they discount things.
    Love the post......Janice

  7. Thanks for dropping by Kelley Highway today. It was a pleasure to have you!

    Your new teacups/saucers are precious. Won't they make lovelies!

    Hugs and happy week to you,

  8. Nice to meet you from Roses Of Inspiration. Love your teacups! Wonderful...they have found a loving new home! Love your pins too...so pretty!

  9. your beads are lovely, they are fun to make

  10. Oh my friend, I am swooning over your tea cups! I can see why your heart was skipping a beat - each one is gorgeous! They have indeed found a wonderful home :)

    Thank you, sweet one, for sharing at Roses of Inspiration and thank you for your kind words about the party - you are a gem. Hugs!

  11. Oh, be still my heart! What beautiful teacups you've found at the estate sale. My heart would be going pitter patter with all that teacup love!!

  12. Okay!! I am now following you as you stole my heart with these lovely tea cups!! I collect them too!!



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