Friday, April 24, 2015

Tea Party in April!!!

Hello all!  I wanted to share a few photo's taken by my phone because I FORGOT the Cannon....sigh...anyway glad my phone has a good lens!

I am sharing this post over at Stephanie's Roses Of Inspiration party!  One you don't want to miss, it is filled with beautiful blogs and inspiration!

Every spring the Women's Ministries Board hosts a Tea Party with  a theme and this year it was Aprons!  Oh the wonderful Aprons and the stories that went with them were fabulous!!!  I decided to go ahead and make cute ones for me and the girls but remembered that youngest had purchased a darling apron a few months back so she was set.  I made mine and my other daughters...they turned out cute.  Here we are, what do you think?  If you look closely at mine I have flowers, Teapots and teacups all over my fabric.

Behind us was a wall filled with aprons from the early 20's on up!!!  One of the gals gave  a story on the history of Aprons and it was NEAT!!!!

So I hosted my table, brought my china to church and set up my table.....I stopped at Michaels and picked up a few things...mainly the flowers for the centerpiece...they were 60 % off!  What a steal!
I woke up VERY early the day of the tea to see my hubby off and well I figured I was up I might as well make myself do something so I made name cards, I love love love K & Company, see post below and so I used K&Company cardstock and embellishments.  

For each of the ladies at my table I gave them a cute teapot hatpin made by me, they loved them!  It brings me such joy that they appreciated the little gift.

Next up is the way I rolled the silverware, very inexpesive but it looks lovely.  I took the silverware rolled it in a napkin, then rolled it in a doily, tied it with a sheer pink ribbon and embellished it with a K & Company butterfly embellishment and stuck the hatpin in the ribbon area. ( I noticed after I took the picture my doily slipped out of position....forgot to take another photo after I fixed it!!! sigh.....

Next photo is the table....I had so much fun setting it up....wish you all could have been there with me!  We had a most delightful time and the speaker was lovely. I made sure every setting had a different teacup.

.....thanks for stopping by and remember ....God Loves you!


  1. Love everything about your post today. The aprons are fun to see. So many styles. The name cards are so pretty. I love your tea pot hat pins! They are wonderful. The table setting is just wonderful too. Looks like a wonderful time.

  2. What a great Tilda!
    There is just something about an apron. I love to wear one, sometimes all day. :-)
    Your table setting was quite fancy, and those hat pins, WOW! You did a beautiful job and I'm sure your ladies were very pleased.

    What a blessed time for you all.
    You and your daughters are beautiful.

    Bless you, Debbie

  3. Replies
    1. Lol! Debbie that was cute. I love wearing an apron! All day too as well, just warms my soul with nostolgia about my Nana and my Mom. They put theirs on in the morning and took it off before bed! Those were the days! Thank you for liking my table I had a lot of fun decorating it, it was a lovely day. Thanks for visiting!

  4. That is just lovely! It all came together so nicely! I really love the hat pins you created!

  5. What a beautiful setting for this special event! Your pins were the perfect touch.

  6. Oh friend, how I would have loved to be there for this beautiful tea party and the gathering of so many deightful women :) Your table turned out lovely! The hatpins are so sweet {I LOVE the one you sent me} and I'm sure the women were very thankful to receive one. And you and your daughters are just precious! The three of you are beautiful young women :)

    Thank you, my friend, for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. I always enjoy having you at the party. Hugs!

  7. Wow, this April tea party looks just fabulous. I am just in love with these photos. My fiancé also hosted a wonderful family tea party in last week. She had hosted this bash at some decent outdoor party Venues in NYC. We really had a wonderful time.


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