Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 1st Parade!!! No foolin!!!

Happy April Fools Day!!!  But no foolin around over here!  We have a Beautiful parade scheduled and I must say all the quilts are Fabulous!!!  Lots of adjusting from the pattern took place which is something I just love to see!!!!

But first let me introduce next months Quilt for our little quilt along.  I decided we needed something small because we love small and also easy and fast because lets face it, April is a busy month!  So here is what I selected for this month.......LOVE IT!!!!! (It can be found on page 195 in our book)
Click HERE to Learn about the WCTU which is the story basis of this quilt.  Love History, don't you?

I have wanted to make that one for a long time and I think its perfect for such a busy month!

And now lets get on with the parade!

First up we have Robin she completed it the quilt but notice she did hers with 9 blocks and changed up the borders a bit.  Great job, love it Robin!

Mickey is next and made hers to fit her little bed!  I love it, just to adorable!!!!! Again and adjusted size for her doll bed.  Don't you love the crisscross????

Nancy has made hers using up her stash!  I think I need to follow her example, I have a lot of stash!  But I love the colors! Great job Nancy! 

Laurie made hers to fit her table using the original size for the blocks but adjusted the borders. great job on the quilting too!

Anna is up next and I really dig the yellow setting squares!!! Nice feel and makes the colors of the hourglass pop.  Super job!  

Cathy used a lovely floral border for hers which I really like and adjusted the border size and amount of blocks.  Really nice Cathy!

Gail made this GREAT little table runner in red white and blues!  Isn't it awesome?  Great job Gail!!!

And lastly mine....finished the top last night, I made mine according to the pattern not really thinking how large this was going to turn out.....but it is what it is! lol I am going to take my time with the quilting because I thought I would try something a little fancy in the setting squares.....well, we will see!!! 

 I can say I love the Civil War feel to this quilt....transported me back in time!!! What about you???  See you all next month at the next parade or if you like my ramblings in between as well!!!!
Thank you for stopping by and leave some love for these ladies!! They did a SUPER job!!!! 


  1. I do look forward to the quilt parade! Great job fellow quilters. Mickey

  2. Beautiful quilting, and a quilt parade sounds great. You 94 year old friend entrusted you with one of her treasure collections of milk glass. She knew you would take good care of them. Thanks for letting my know you liked my collection! Have a blessed Easter.

  3. Very pretty quilts! I have made the small quilts since January, but do not know where to send the photo.

    1. Oh no! We would love to have your quilts in the parade! Please send the photo to Tildagirl@msn dot com ....... I had to spell out dot so computer generated spam doesn't come to my emailbox. Please send me this one and I will add it to the parade!


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