Tuesday, January 31, 2017

First Quilt Along Parade 2017

Be My Valentine!!

I am so thrilled to be back doing the QAL for 2017.  I trust everyone has settled into 2017 and excited to be back to normal after the holidays.  I know I sure am!!!   I have to tell you as soon as I finished my quilt I decided my craft room wasn't working for me.  Ever get that way you feel creatively blocked because of your surroundings?  I just could not "feel it"  so grabbed up the family and we headed to Home Depot.  There my hubby bought me a shelving unit and put it together and I have been cleaning out...rearranging and filling new bins to feel more organized.  I am almost done and just can't wait to pull it all together.  One thing I can tell you, I have WAAYYYYY to much stuff!!! In fact I believe if I sewed everyday for the rest of my life I will still have a bunch left over! LOL  anyone else with me on this?  Or is it just me? 

Okay , Okay I will stop chattering and get to the fun stuff!  The Quilt Along.........

This month we did the "Be My Valentine" out of Kathleen Tracy's Small and Scrappy Book and it was a very cute and pretty easy quilt!  I really enjoyed doing mine.  I have to say the entries this month are all darling....they all turned out cute.  So without further adu I will present the quilts then at the end will announce next months quilt!

Okay first up we have Robin!  Robin is probably the FASTEST quilter I know! LOL  She quilts at record speed and let me tell you, EVERYTHING LOOKS FABULOUS!!!!   and what a cute display.  I really like the colors, just so lovely.

Next up we have Mandy from the UK she is back!!  I like how she used different boarders!  Very creative and the plum colors are really pretty, super job and love the color choices.
Next up we have Laurie, she named hers Strawberry Lemonade and I can see why!  The soft colors are so pretty and make me want to have spring....Right.  Now!!  However we are buried in snow, I believe there is still 3 feet out on my yard!  But I will dream of spring with Lauries quilt!  Great job.

And lastly is mine...I really enjoyed making this quilt and how easy it went together. We will enjoy it for the month of February! 

And now for next month,  I thought we would do one out of the other book "Sew Charming"  from Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene

....so no more waiting turn to page 72 

Soaring Triangles

I just love this pattern, hope you will too!!!  Color choice is all yours!! If your new to the group join in anytime.  Email me a photo of your completed quilt or quilt top by the end of  February in time for the March 1st Parade!  Just email it to me!  Hope you enjoyed the parade! 


  1. What a delight to see the many creations by such talented ladies. Every single one is stunning!

    Thank you for sharing, sweet friend. Have a joyous day! Hugs!

    1. I agree! Such a great group of talented ladies! Thank you for stopping by!!!

  2. What a beautiful job everyone did. The Quilt Along Parade looks like so much fun! The trip to Home Depot sounded like a lot of fun, it's great that your husband supports what you do and gets involved in one way or another. I love when it's time to re-do my craft room. You do get to the point where it's not working and it's enjoyable putting it back together in a different way. Like you...I have way too many sewing supplies.

  3. I am sending you a photo of my Soaring Triangles little quilt. It was fun to make.


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