Thursday, January 5, 2017

Well Hello again!  I bet your anxiously awaiting the first challenge!!! Well I started to look ahead at the next holiday and wanted to grace my table with something festive.  One of the things I have decided for this year is decorate our eat in kitchen table with a festive season appropriate quilt and centerpiece.  For some seasons I have flimsy tops that need finished and for some I don't have any made yet so we will be seeing that working for me during this challenge.

Sooooooo, since it is the first week in January, that seems so odd to say, I am thinking hearts for my February table and if you have had a chance to browse through the book you may have seen the adorable " Be My Little Valentine" on page 14 of Kathleen Tracy's book, "Small & Scrappy"

 Now for a few rules for the newbies.  You can choose your colors, add to make it bigger, or make it smaller if you wish.  When the top is finished, it can with be a top or totally completed and quilted, take a picture and send it to my gmail
Tildahawthorne @gmail. Dot com

Send a clear photo by the end of the month, if you can make it by the 28th that gives me time to put it together but definitely by the last day! and I will post it on this blog in parade fashion the first of the next month, where you see a beautiful selection of variations interpreted by each individual participating. I also encourage you to leave some love, it's nice to feel your spreading some kindness❤️


  1. Can't wait to start. Perfect for the first quilt of the year. Hugs

    1. Hi Cathy! Glad you like it! Have fun making it, I know I will.


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