Thursday, October 31, 2013

AYOS October "Clover"

This by far has got to be my absolute FAVORITE quilt.  Period.  The cutting is easy peasy, the piecing is easy and the placement is not to bad BUT you really have to concentrate.  It is what I would call for the intermediate to advanced quilter.  I think it would frustrate a beginner.  Its all done on a diagonal but you have to follow the pattern.  I ended up copying the paper with the layout on it and everytime I sewed a row I crossed it out with bright yellow marker...I had to keep myself straight and this was the best way to do it.  I did finish it tonight with three hours to spare for the deadline of midnight. 

Now I have to tell you, we hardly EVER get trick or treaters....maybe I figured I can sew this no problem, uninterrupted time!!!!  NOT!!! I got 10 trick or treaters.....I know, I know, that is NOT a lot, but when your trying to focus on diagonal lines, 685 pieces and fabric placement that is 10 doorbell rings!  Ten times of finding your get the picture.  I only had to rip out fabric 2 times.  NOT BAD!

So without further waiting here is my Christmas Table runner.  Don't you LOVE it!!!!!

I used Wintergreen by 3Sisters for Moda.  Let me know what you think!

I will be posting a few more projects in the up coming days.....I have been really thinking about posting more then my AYOS projects. 


  1. That's a beautiful Clover! It took everything I had to make mine, so I don't think I will be making another. If I did though - I think your Christmas fabrics would be a best bet!


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