Saturday, October 5, 2013

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is NOT a very good day.  About 13 years ago my hubby got a flat tire and had a long wait for it to be fixed.  So he took a stroll...right into a sewing machine shoppe...Janome to be specific.  Brought home a top of the line Janome MC 5700 Sewing /Embroidery machine.  Best. Flat. Tire.  EVER!   Loved this machine.  Sewed ALL the time on it.  made many many things on it...made some money on it, made the kids clothes on it, made quilts (LOTS) on get the idea. 

Well about a week ago I was sewing very happily and I stopped, picked up the final block on a quilt I was working on and pushed down the pedal and NOTHING......WHAT????  couldn't be!!!! Right????  Nope nothing.   BUT ALL THE LIGHTS ARE ON....THE MOTOR IS HUMMING!!!!!! 

Take it down to be looked at:  Oh Mrs. H, its an intermittent problem.  You'll just have to shut it down and reboot it.  Well how much to fix this problem?  Only $600!!!!  WHAT????  Will that cure it????  Well that part yes but there is no telling how long the other 2 boards will work for.....WHAT ??????????

I still decided to call around and see what is available machine wise.  Find one at Husquvarna...real nice, real smooth, BUT computerized.  They all are....Every. Single. One.  WHAT TO DO????
Call said store, do you think I can still sew on mine?  Yes, they reply.  Worst case scenario you have to shut it down and reboot.

Well Okay then I will come by and pick it up then.....I can't see spending $600 for an A Board (the brain) with the possibility of having to purchase 2 more brains.  So I bring it home , turn it on, ask Jesus to bless my machine and keep it plugging along.  Cut out fabric.  Turn on machine....good so far, humming nicely.....adjust stitch length.....good......put fabric under foot, start driving it and NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHAT????????????????????? That's right folks....NOTHING!!!!  I can't use my machine.  SO depressed....this was my trusted friend, we were going to grow old together.  But I guess Elsie is wanting to go RIP.  My heart is torn apart.

Well I certainly don't want my hubby to have another flat tire, but I will be looking at more machines on Monday.....wish me luck. 


  1. I have a Bernina 180 with embroidery that I am selling since I upgraded to their newer/larger machine. It has low hours and sews like a dream and includes all the hoops and stuff. Drop me a line if you are interested.

  2. I started it up this morning after I messed with the petal a bit. I started thinking last night that all the electronics on it was precise, so I got up and moved the cord connected to the petal and it started working. I am going to take it in tomorrow because I think the other repair man didn't know what he was doing. I am praying it's only the petal. If I have to replace it I will be upgrading to a husqvarna sapphire 875q....we will see!

  3. Oh goodness! I feel your pain! I had to lay my machine to rest and I actually found a used one, the same brand, for a fraction of the original cost... that was this year. I have been happy ever since. I hope your story has a happy ending too!

    1. Thank you Sinta, I have just updated the story, it's been a much better day!


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