Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A much better , Happier day!

Well I thought I would give you an update to my machine dilemma.  Well Saturday as I moped about my hubby told me to just go by a new machine of my choice.  Although I knew he wanted to make me happy, and he is a great guy, really....I was still mourning the loss of my best friend the Janome.  Silly i know that but still.  So I called around asked a lot of questions and set up appointments to sit and sample sew with a few machines for Tuesday.  I spent most of the day researching machines and their reviews online.  Mid afternoon I decided to pick up my baby.  I called the guy and told him I was going to think about thinks but I would like to pick up my machine. He said if I were you I would just sew on it until it is flatlined, just have to turn it off and reboot it, he assured me I did need a new A Board, motherboard in computer talk.  Now this is a man that took over his dad's business which was started in the 1950's.  I bought this machine from him...... I went and he loaded it in the van.  Came home and was just sick.  I decided to just plug her in and see if she would go.  Plugged her in, picked my stitch selection depressed the pedal and nothing , just her light on and motor running. But no movement at all.  I tried in disbelief thinking if I pushed one more time she would just plug along.   Nope, notta, zilch. I went to bed heartbroken.

3:00am...BOING, wide awake with an Epiphany.....it hAS to be the pedal! The machine purs like a kitten, I can change the stitch selection, switch the embroidery and back again and no problem.  Has to be the pedal.  Turn the power on again, select straight stitch, press the pedal and nothing....BUT WAIT, jiggle the cord, push the pedal, nope, move it again, tweet it again and BAM, it works!!!

Quilted three mug mats on Sunday , add binding to one of them.  Now in between this I have two sick kids, so can't do much on Monday.  Tuesday load her up take her to the new Janome dealer  we get it set up plug it in, nothing.  Take out the plug, push the start stop button, it sews smoothly. Plug in the pedal, she presses the pedal while I jiggle the cord...yep it works!  So she gets the new pedal, plugs itin and  she is back in business!  New pedal costs only......drumroll.....$39.95!!!!!  No I did not even need an A board, a $600 A board, guy didn't know what he was talking about....Purchase the new pedal and now I am back in business.  No longer in mourning, but happily quilting again....so yeah, today was a great day!

Stay tuned for some new projects posted....I have a new appreciation for my trusty friend.


  1. So glad your machine is back up and running. What a relief!

    1. Yes, very much so. And THANK YOU for your offer...very nice of you.


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