Thursday, May 15, 2014

Getting Ready!!!!

I am so very excited about our Quilt Along!!!  I absolutely love Kathleen Tracy quilts.  So I decided to give you a sneak peek of the fabric I will be using....hehe but it is sooooo yummy.  Here it is!!!  That is the amount of colors you will need for the first one...hint, hint!  So you can start pulling or purchasing.  Enjoy!  If you haven't done so yet, PLEASE over on the right of the page scroll down and send me an email message with your email address so I can send you mine , that is where you will send me your pictures for the parade.  Also your Blog Link!!!!


  1. I just got my book today and can't wait to start this sew along.
    I think I did the sign up thing with my email, if not it's Peggy Aront

  2. Love your colors. Can't wait to see which quilt we will be working on.

    1. I love the civil war replica fabrics! It will be soon that we see the selection!!!


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