Saturday, May 24, 2014

My yardsale finds.....

So yesterday DH and I had to drop off some tv's at the dump and on our way back we saw a few yardsale signs....look what I found!  So excited about the Amish doll!  I have wanted on of those FOREVER...... And there she was in all her glory....with the tag still on and her name handwritten in
Katie.....I got her for $2!!!!!!!!  So excited.  The square thing with what looks like a paddle is a napkin holder the paddle keeps the napkins from blowing away, how smart is that?  Well off to a few more today!   Hope I bring home more fun things!


  1. I love your finds. You did good. Hugs

  2. Great finds, and love your table runner.

  3. The table runner makes a nice display along with the other decorations that are added.

  4. What great treasures you have found. I love the Amish Doll a lot. Everything is awesome.


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