Friday, July 25, 2014

Hiroshima Needles......

Well I caved!   I have been hearing all about these needles and how wonderful they you will sew like "butter".   I had to know for myself and so I purchased #9 quilting needles and #9 embroidery needles.

They are packaged real cute !
And when you open them they come like this"...........

DARLING!  But they better be, they were a bit spendy....$7.99 for 8 needles.

The needle goes through more then 30 processes to make sure they are safe and high quality. They are known for  smooth fabric piercing and flexibility.

So I will let you know how they are!  Hopefully they will be smooth as butter!


  1. I may have to try some also. Thanks for the info. Have a great day!

  2. I wonder if they will be at the Grand Rapids show. I will deffinately have to give them a try


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