Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mini Cherry quilt Parade!

Well I have to say this was a favorite of mine....this was by far a very easy quilt and the directions were so simple...easy to follow!   I only received one entry which is fine but I would encourage you to try your hand at this mini!

Joann over at Fig tree Quilts said we could feature this quilt and so it goes.  It may be a small parade, but it's a great parade!  If you haven't tried yours yet, go ahead and make it, it only took me two hours!

Mindy made this great interpretation of the mini.  I like the way she turned half the other direction and added the cornerstones...very nice job Mindy!

And mine....I am going to bind it in a really cute red gingham print...will post it when it's complete!  If you finish yours , send me a photo and I would be happy to post it.  


  1. I bought that cherry pattern and then went on vacation to Alaska......Sorry I missed the parade!
    I finished my mini for July, just need to finish binding.
    Do I blog about it or send you the picture for the next parade?

    Stitchin with Peg

    Peggy in NJ

  2. Oh please send it! I can add it to this parade or add it to the one on the first, whatever you like! Tildagirl@msn dot com. Hope you had a grand time in Alaska!

  3. Hi Tilda, lovely cherry quilts. Very pretty fabrics, and a lovely pattern.

  4. Both Cherry Quilt tops are so cute. It is fun when everyone puts their own twist on how they do theirs. I like them both.


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