Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Valentines Page 2015

It has been a very long time since I have scrapped a page!  I have so much product that If I scrapped a page a day I have enough stuff to scrap for decades! lol   And I am the type that will use old stuff even if it isn't in fashion...I liked it when I bought it and I like it now.

And so on Valentines day Womens Ministries put on a Valentines dinner and silent auction and one of the things to do was to have a photo taken with your "sweetheart"  and that I did! Me and my hubby Valentines 2015....  Here is the finished page with some new and old product.

The caption reads " Loved you yesterday love you still always have always will"  
Perfect saying!  

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And remember...."God loves you!"


  1. I really like your page. My daughter and I scrapbook and like you we use what we have even if it isn't in style.

  2. Oh Tilda, I love the page that you did. What a sweet couple you and hubby are. The saying is perfect and goes straight to my heart.

  3. Such a great page, neat picture and like the banners across the bottom

  4. Hi dear Tilda! First of all, I must apologize for just now getting around to visit your lovely blog. I have been dealing with computer issues for the last 4 days. Thankfully everything seems to be back to normal....whatever "normal" is with computers :)

    Your page is extra sweet and so romantic :) Thank you for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. I love having you link up. Hugs!

  5. I don't scrapbook, but my DIL does. I like the page your created. You make a cute couple. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you liked my vintage shop hop....it was a lot of fun!

  6. I love your results. I so wanted to scrapbook all the photos of our family after I retired, but alas....I still haven't done it! I don't think it will happen. I do scrapbook my cards from my tea group's card exchanges. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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