Monday, March 30, 2015

Too Good Not To Share!!!

So my friend Vonne of 28 years posted this funny thing on my facebook wall and I thought I really had to share with all my is was to funny to not share!!! But before I do I have to explain a funny story about Me, Vonne, Sewing and Scrapbooking.

Vonne, so a fun friend, was a scrapbooker...and I mean diehard! And me well, thread runs through my veins.  One day as we were discussing our hobbies we decided the other one should try I said I will do a page if you make something...and so the challenge was on.  I attended a D.O.T.S party which is now Close to my heart , at Vonnes home in Denver.  It was a stamping party.  I bought a few stamps and markers, in the mean time Vonne and I headed out the the fabric store and purchased material for a tank top for her.  Okay all materials were in and so we started.  She taught me to make a few cards and I did, boy was I PROUD of myself!! And Boy were the cards pretty plain!!!  But I stood up on my end and now it was hers.  She made a tank top out of flag print material for the 4th of July Celebration at church and  it turned out GREAT!!!  Then she asked to make her husband a pair of pants, sweats like....Okay lets do it!  She picked out some camo material, cut it out and sewed them up and then called.....and the conversation went something like this.....

Vonne:  Well I made the pants and I am now at the waist band, but elastic is very expensive!
Me:  That is great!!! and yea it can be expensive but he will need them to keep his pants up.
Vonne:  I suppose, well okay gotta run!

A few days later she calls me:

Vonne:  Hey guess what I finished Larry's pants!
Me:  Great!  Did you find the elastic?
Vonne:  No I just took the elastic off a pair of his underware and used that!!!
Me:  Shakes head.....

LOL  isn't that the funniest????  I laughed and laughed about that for YEARS and still giggle when I think about it!!!  So today on my wall my dear friend Vonne Posted this...we just laughed and laughed!!! Could you imagine???  Enjoy my friends!!!!


  1. Lipstick? Oh my! I sure hope my husband doesn't see me without make up! This is so funny. I might agree though that it's better to have your 'chores' done first or they will never get done! haha! Hugs, Diane (PS Keep your IPAD handy to view patterns)

  2. I saw this on Facebook, too. What a hoot! I sure don't dress up to sew...more like dressing down in the comfiest thing I own. :)

  3. That is too funny, Tilda! I was a Home Ec teacher way back in the day, and I do remember reading some excerpts from early books that were like that. Gosh, have times changed! LOL!!

  4. love that advice, interesting how different generations looked at things

  5. Oh my! How I love that advice! So cute!

  6. Too funny, my friend! Your friend sounds like a very wise and thrifty lady :) Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. May you have a blessed Resurrection Sunday. Hugs to you!

  7. That is hilarious. So glad we have moved away from this !!!! But it's so true from those times. That's for sharing


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