Monday, January 19, 2015

Behind in photos!

I am linking up to Roses of inspiration , hop on over and take a look around, some great blogs and Stephanie's blog is gorgeous and very inspiring!

So today I decided to take my card out of my Cannon and see what was on it....Ummmm how about 848 pictures worth!  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  So I went through the photo's some great some not so great and went through the daunting task of getting rid of blurry ones or unflattering photo's.  I really think this year I am going to take a course in photography.  I have this beautiful camera and a Tamron lens and still can't take a good balanced photo!  So I thought I would share what was on that card....good grief! Okay so here we go! PICTURE OVERLOAD!!!!
                                             Me and My Mommy!!! She just turned 76 in March
                                            Doesn't she look great!

                                         My sister Rose, My Mom and Me about Summertime
                                                      Idaho sunset If you look real close at the top of the mountain
                                           It appears to look like Calvary...three Crosses, it is up at our Ski Resort
                                           approximately 35 miles away....view from my porch and we live in the
                                           city limits.  I love Boise.
                                             my Sister Rose, our Mom and Me and the quilt show

                                         My family, My Mom and my Mother in law in July
                                          My daughters and my Mom they had just given her that heart.
                                            Since January 14 I have been on a weightloss journey
                                            at this point in this photo Fall time I had lost 68 pounds.
                                            Our Mom going back to New Jersey...Love her. I really miss her
                                             She is on the waiting list for an Apartment at the Senior complex
                                             They are thinking Spring to summer, CAN'T WAIT!!!!!
                                           Me and my 90 year old neighbor the night she moved away....really going                                            miss the ole gal...she was a hoot!  Yes I am wearing a Denver Bronco
                                           Jersey....Peyton is my Manning...hehe
                                         This photo to me is funny!!! My youngest daughter
                                          Photo bombed at the last minute! haha Up at our cabin
                                          for Labor day.

                                         My cuteness Sweet Great Niece turning One
                                          My hubby, Me, our daughters and great niece during a
                                           BSU game and Eldest daughters birthday
                                                 Christmas Eve Day Table being set
                                          My daughters, my self, my sister Rose being goofy
                                          Hubby gave this to me for Christmas, I love glass candy...Pretty

                                            The girls and Eldest daughters Boyfriend in line at the State Fair

                                           Me and Mr H at the State Fair Summertime.
                                          Me and the girls on Thanksgiving day.

So thats about it....there were tons more but didn't want to bore you!!! haha  Next time I will check the camera and download it sooner!


  1. Oh how fun! Don't you love it when you sometimes forget about certain things only to find them months or even years down the road. It's like a precious gift :)

    Your pictures were a joy to look at - thank you for sharing at Roses of Inspiration. Have a wonderful week!

    1. Yes it was a lot of fun to go through and see all the photos, it was a gift! Thank you for stopping by....I think the ROI is a fantastic idea!

  2. Congratulations on that weight loss! GREAT job! I loved viewing the pictures of your precious family and your neighbor. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much, it was a journey! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Some great pictures with wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing them with all of us.

  4. So nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. I too am visiting from Stephanie's link up. Loved your blog and your family pics are wonderful. What a blessing to have your mom at 76 and she does look fabulous. You must have had a wonderful time going through all those pics. I know it is a task, but great surprises always turn up. You are a beautiful family!
    Congrats on your weight loss. That is a real accomplishment.
    I am your newest follower.
    Have a great week.

    1. Oh thank you for visiting! Loved finding the pictures and going through them! Yes the weightloss was very much needed!

  5. what a great discovery!! everyone looks so happy! I love the glass candy...have never seen that and would be so good for me :)

    1. The glass candy is the best kind! Lol, thank you so much for stopping by!

  6. Good pictures, I have enjoyed looking at your OLD new found photo's. Your mom looks great, looks like you have been having a lot of fun times. I am visiting from Stephanie's Rose of Inspirations.

    1. Thank you for swinging by from ROI! We had a lot of great times!

  7. I so enjoyed your photos!
    You have a beautiful looking family and so happy.
    Your dear mother is precious as is your 90 year old neighbor. :-)
    Won't that be wonderful when her name comes up for that apartment!

    Congratulations on your weight loss, such an accomplishment!

    When I saw the photo of you and your dear mother on Stephanie's link up party, I just had to come for a visit. So glad Idid.

    Have a beautiful day.

    1. Thank you so much for dropping in, I am loving the ROI I am meeting such lovely ladies! Can't wait for my Mom to move out west and join us, praying The Lord takes care of every detail.

  8. The beauty of digital cameras is that we can have 848 pictures and it won't cost us our fabric allowance to get them developed anymore. That was probably a fun hour or two of memories.

    1. The memories were precious! Thank you for stopping by!

  9. Congrats on your weight loss, such fun family pics!

  10. Great photos and you are so lucky to have your mom .. Enjoy her while you can...
    Congrats on your weight loss!!!! I recently lost 55 pounds... Thanks so much for stopping by!!


    1. Thank you for stopping by and congratulations on your weight loss as well! I feel very blessed to have my mother....she is awesome!

  11. Hello Huckleberry, so nice to meet you!

    What a beautiful family you have! You must be very close-knit, as my family is, and I can spot such togetherness miles, (even oceans!), away! Kudos on your amazing weight loss!! I am on a mission to lose some unwanted pounds, and hope to never track them down again!

    Thanks so much for visiting Poppy View and I hope to see you again, soon!

    Happy weekend!


    1. Poppy thank you! Yes we are very close! In fact my sister lives next door! I am hoping my lost pounds don't find me either! Thank you for stopping in!


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