Saturday, January 31, 2015

Box of Chocolates Quilt Along Parade!

Hello and Welcome to the first Parade of the year!  Wow oh Wow did everyone make pretty quilts, I was happy to see some returning faces and some new this year.  And if you want to join in , its never to late!  Come when you can!  Please leave some love for these lovelies if your at the parade!

Now I know your excited to see whats on tap for next month and I think thats the best part, seeing what is next and going to pick out the fabrics...hehe...I know I already have mine picked out and waiting in my basket, so I won't make you wait any longer!  Turn to Page 225...........
Answer All Invitations That Ask You to RSVP!!  DARLING!!!!!  I picked this one when I started reading the instructions...okay okay, looking at the pictures at how easy this quilt comes together and it looks complicated to anyone else with its design!   Love it!!! So start pickin those fabrics and sew!

And now the Parade....Oh the lovelies.....grab that cuppa joe or tea and sit back and enjoy the show!!!

Here is mine....I chose valentine colors to grace my table, then I made doilies out of lace and topped them with a brown yoyo, you'll have to enlarge the photo to see the lace under the yoyo' me it looked like those wrappers in a box of chocolates! lol  on my display I added the valentines treat bags I made in this post Valentine treat bags.

Vivian from Iowa made two versions this one in Reds....I Heart this one


                                               And this one with lovely cream colored buttons!

Terri used some pretty browns and pinks to make hers as well , love the table its on, way to go Terri!

Robin made this lovely version and left the centers plain but the quilting shows it off!  Nice job.

Annette did a lovely job on hers with some real pretty colors!  Santa brought her the book!

Laurie made an extended boarder and made hers a little bit bigger, I love it!!!  Nice display too!

Gale used three fabrics which I really like and it makes it look 3 demensional!  Beautiful !

Sandy, a returning member did this , IMO, very romantic version!  Love that lace piece too!  Awesome job!

Jodi, new to us did hers using blues and it is GORGEOUS!,!
Another view 

Cathy was the first one finish and did a super job with hers! and man was she fast!  I love the hanger I need to get one of those!  Pretty Quilt!

Mickey found this treasure of a doll bed and made hers to fit the bed!  SO DARLING!!!!!  Love the big buttons too!

Susan in New York submitted this cute quilt and made yoyos for her "chocolates"  Great job Susan! 

Last but NOT least is Anna's, I absolutely love, love, love this one....the colors are so rich, and I like the heart buttons in the four corners, Really , really lovely!

Thank you so much for joining the parade ladies!!!  I hope you enjoy the next quilt and bust the stash!!!  Totally love ALL the quilts!  See you all soon!!!!  Have fun and Happy Sewing!


  1. Yeah, more participants! This was a fun project and I love all of the wonderful finishes!

  2. OMG...they are all so wonderful and it is so much fun to see the same little quilt in all those interpretations! I can't wait to start Feb. when I get back home! Thank you so much for this fun adventure!

  3. I made this quilt too. It's quilted but not bound. I did not see a link or address so I could send mine in too! Could you please post how to do this? I hope I'm not the only dummy that does not know how to do this?

  4. What a fun and exciting parade!
    Wow, there are some lovely quilts, yours is darling.
    Thank you for your sweet visit to my place, my heart was blessed.

    Hugs, Debbie

  5. Beautiful, eye-catching artwork! It's nice to see how the quilts can be used to decorate a table or be put up as a wall-piece.

  6. What beautiful talent you women have! Each one is truly lovely and unique. I was going to say I liked a certain one the best, but after seeing all of them there is no way I could pick a favorite - they are all wonderful :)

    Thanks for sharing at Roses of Inspiration, my dear. Hugs!

  7. What beautiful quilts... the different colors give such variety to the design... they are so pretty. thank you for sharing. :)

  8. Amazing quilts. All the different colors in each quilt make them all so unique. I love the pattern.

  9. so interesting to see everyones version, all lovely, your treat bags are so cute too!

  10. Thanks for the invite to your Quilt Along...looks like a lot of fun. I'll see what I can do to acquire a book and maybe I'll join in at some point soon! :)

  11. Fun seeing the quilts in all the different colors! Can I ask what book you are using? I may already have it, but if I don't, I may HAVE to go out and buy it!

  12. Fun seeing the quilts in all the different colors! Can I ask what book you are using? I may already have it, but if I don't, I may HAVE to go out and buy it!


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