Saturday, August 31, 2013

AYOS Canasta

AYOS for August was Canasta, I fell in love with it the minute I saw it but let me tell you I think my hair is a bit grayer from making it!  I don't know what happened but I ended up with extra pieces and if you look close, but don't please, you will see where those pieces that belonged in the quilt never made it!  I was pretty upset because of course I didn't notice until it was all finished.....sigh.

I have decided I am not going to tear it out and correct it.  I have decided to heavily quilt this topper in hopes you won't see those mistakes.  Can you spot them?  Well I used to tell my quilting students the Amish deliberately put a mistake in their quilt because nobody is perfect only God.  So I guess you can say this is definitely Amish!  Oh well, onto the next fun Schnibbles quilt....wonder which it will be?   

Okay so I checked my stash because I was really trying to use up my stash so I found my charm pack  Blush for Moda by Basic Grey.  The fabrics are pretty and I thought they would make lovely baskets. 
Thanks for stopping by!  Go check out all the other GORGEOUS quilts made by other participants of the AYOS on Sinta's and Sherri's Blog!  Sit back and enjoy!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

AYOS "Lincoln"

So when Sherri and Sinta posted the August Schnibbles pattern I was so excited!! The pattern called "Lincoln" was perfect for me!  You see I love Civil War Prints.  When I started to think about this pattern I went on the hunt for Civil War Period Prints.  I searched and searched and found it!  I used Metropolitan fair by Barbara Brackman for Moda.  If you don't know about her she has written many books with patterns for Civil War Era prints.  The stories in her books are fabulous....well more like Journal entries from people alive during that era.  So I thought it fitting to use that fabric! I was only able to finish the quilt top, got it done about 4 hours before leaving for vacation, see below.   So without further ado.....I present to you "Lincoln" Another Schnibbles Pattern.....Enjoy! And feel free to leave any comments! I sit and anxiously await the next pattern! 


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