Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tea cup Exchange

Recently I joined the Teacup exchange over at The Enchanting Rose and I absolutely love it.  It is so much fun to receive a package full of goodies!  I was blessed to have Kelly from Homespuns and Hayfields as my gifter!  And what a gift I received!!!  Everything was packaged so lovely and carefully.  I could tell she put a lot of thought into it and selected each item with careful selection.  I did take a few photos to share with you all!  And to Kelly, I can't thank you enough for all of the beautiful gifts!!!!

This first photo is of everything included in the package......isn't it FANTASTIC!!!!

Kelly did look about my blog and found I love primitive things....so I was excited when I opened these candles....perfect!

Next up is a little love Kelly handmade for me and when I say this I truly mean it....I love, love, love it!!!  She did a really great job with it, everything is so precise....I put this in my guest restroom...it really fits the d├ęcor.

And what would a new cup be without some delicious tea and biscuits.....I love Bigelow tea too, the plant is right here in Boise and when you walk in you take a deep breath and it is sooooooo wonderful smelling!  Some of my favorite teas.  And the Biscuits, well lets just say they may or maynot longer be any left...hehe, they were really good!

And lastly , the Tea cup....OH MY GOODNESS!!!  It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  The colors are so springy and lovely and beautiful and pretty......I LOVE IT!!!!

Needless to say I felt so very spoiled!!!  I just loved everything Kelly Gifted me with, Thank you Thank you Kelly!!! 

And Thank you To Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose for hosting the teacup exchange.

Friday, April 1, 2016

April 1st QAL!!! No foolin!

Good Morning everyone and welcome to the April Quilt Along. Has Spring Sprung in your area?  It sure has here in Idaho....the flowers are just bursting with color!!!  And speaking of color......
I have to say I really loved the variety of color that came along with this months challenge.  I for one stepped out of my normal zone and used colors I don't normally use.  I used the 30's Playtime Charm pack but decided to use it in my daughters room because these are her colors.  It was actually fun stepping out of the norm for a change!

Okay so for next months challenge I asked Mickey, who has been doing these challenges since I believe either the beginning or close to it , to pick the pattern for next months challenge and It is a pretty one...I can't wait to make this one!!! So stay tuned because I will post it at the end of the parade! hehe  So here we begin with the April Parade! Be sure to leave some love for these hard working ladies!!! 

First up:  Robin Chose such lovely colors of Red, green and tan....just love this combo!  Really pretty!

Mickey used such soft pastel spring colors and made her pattern just a little bit smaller....so delicate!

Kay decided to use colors to brighten up her home and the funny thing is I used just about the same colors!!!  Love this Kay! Great job on the quilting too!!!
Sandy used a really pretty color combo that reminds me of a beautiful garden of Purples and greens....so pretty Sandy!
When I received Lauries quilt the first thing that came to mind was Mardi Gras Colors!!  To go along with March madness. Check out the quilting, love the lines.....  I really love the bright colors....just so very cheerful!
Susan made a stunning quilttop that really pops!!  the Brown crosshatch is really complimentary to the colors.....it really makes it stand out.....just lovely.
Susan used really pretty soft colors so great for early spring.  It would be pretty for this time of year for sure!!  Love it!
And now mine.....30's playtime fabric and red and white gingham binding. 
And now for the pattern for next month!!! It does come with a bit of cutting and piecing but what would a quilt be without????  I have been thinking about colors for this one.....what about you? And if you know others that would benefit joining our QAL, invite them...they can jump in at anytime. 
  I know you have been waiting for it....hehe, here it is!!!



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