Friday, January 29, 2016

Great finds!

Hey everyone!  Yesterday hubby and I went to a junk shop we go to every now and again and we found some cute stuff I thought I would share......
This strawberry purse caught my eye and thought it was sooooo cute!  A fun purse for summer and it was brand spankin new with tags...$7

The Butter Churn, my hubby loves these and we have a few...I loved the jar it's so unique and it's a Dazey...$100

Now the teabag holder I just couldn't pass up....never saw one before and it's cute! $3.00 and that cute little pitcher just cute , no real reason for it...$2.00

This crocheted tablecloth is amazing, no stains, no tears, just simply stunning....$22

I made the table runner from a picture and the white candy dish is from my neighbor Polly that passed and was a very dear friend, she gifted it to me and I will always treasure our friendship. 

These demitasse cups I found at an antique shop about a year ago but I didn't get them and when we went back in they were still there!!!  $30 for a set of six....very happy!!!

So that's about it for our fun day off!!!  Happy day everyone.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Welcome to the 2016 Quilt Along !

Hi!!! If your here from The Enchanting Rose Welcome!!!!  If you have never been to Stephanie's blog, go and check it out.  She is very sweet and inspirational and she throws a link party every Tuesday, and all the blogs are WONDERFUL!!!! Go check it out!

Okay so I heard ya!!  And so we will play.  If your new to this feel free to jump in at any time! 
Here is how we play:

On the first of the month I post a challenge either by pattern or color from the book
101 Fabulous Small Quilts by That Patchwork place.  You can find it on Amazon if you don't have it yet. Then on the by the first of the next month you get your picture uploaded to me via email at

Tildagirl at msn dot com

I will in turn make all the photos into a Cyber Parade of all the lovelies!!!  It can be a flimsy (quilt top) or it can be the finished product. And right before the parade begins I will announce the next months pattern!!  Simple!  Anyone can join at anytime.  When you submit your photo to me please include your name and where your from....its always nice to see how far away the players are!!!  Sooooooo I did pick a quilt top to play with IF you want to DUE by FEBRUARY 1st.  IF you have time......not to worry if you don't.  I just picked an easy one and thought well, lets do a practice run.  So for this quicky one I chose

MAPLE SUGAR HEARTS found on page 62.  You choose whatever color you please...I thought it would be a fun one to crank out for Valentines day coming up!!! 

Now I just so happened to find an AWESOME little quilt book by Jo  Morton and was gonna throw out some challenges from time to time for those that want to play along.  The book was Just release and I had Preordered just arrived yesterday, I am feeling pretty lucky!!! The little quilts are so adorable!!!  I will definitely be making a lot if not all of them....

So for Christmas my hubby pulled a fast one on see I have a black Featherweight 221 that he gifted me with the table on our 18th wedding anniversary 10 years ago and it is beautiful and purrs like a kitten.  Well for Christmas he found ANOTHER for me BUT this one is not as available....because it is Beige in color!  They are hard to find and this one is in INCREDIBLE condition......the case, attachments and original instruction book are in PERFECT condition and don't smell!!  If you have experienced one you know they tend to have an odor to them.....the machine itself doesn't have any blemishes and is just so beautiful....So I thought I would share a picture of the lovely right here. 

And lastly here is a picture of my Hubba Hubba Hubby, hehe  still giddy for him after 28 years....he was waiting for me as I browsed in one of the stores......One of us and one of the fountains here at The Village where we decided to take a stroll and enjoy the was a lovely evening.

Okay so until next time, actually the first of February or sooner! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Brand New Year!

A Brand New Year kind feels like a do over but even better this time. As I look back on 2015 I find that I really had not only a lot on my plate with the big move, selling two homes, a sick child and being the Director of Womens Ministries and all the events we put on.....  But I also got a lot done!  I look at all the little quilts I finished and I have to say I am feel pretty good about 2015. 

Now I know to some with the Quilt along things were delayed but moving is big and hard when your 50 !!!   It took all that I am to get us moved.  Our girls mean well but when they pack they don't weed out they like to keep everything....part of autisum.  Hubby and I decided at our age lifting furniture is just not the risk.  And when you figure if you throw your back out the doctor bills would way surpass the cost of movers.  But there is still the little stuff....ALL the little stuff!! haha  you never know how much little stuff you have until you have to move it after 9 years in one place!  Anyway the point is now we are fully moved, all homes are closed and keys are all turned over , Praise the Lord, its now to start getting back into things!!

So I haven't heard from anyone if they were interested in continuing the Quilt Along or not so I thought I would take the rest of January for you all to speak up!!!  Leave me a message and let me know.  I understand someone told me you can't send me an email....well I am not sure how to do that but I will look around and see if I can figure it out, in the meantime leave your wish in the comments.

Sooooo, for today I wanted to show you the GREAT finds I found today at TJ Maxx and Tevana!

First up is ALL THIS TEA FOR ONLY $20!!!  Crazy I know but I was in the right place at the right it helps if the cart is so filled with stuff people werent' digging.  But I did and look at this....loose tea and bagged tea.  Three of the tins came with 40 tea bags each along with cookies.  The two boxed sets came with loose tea , tea filter bags you fill, and a spoon!  Check this out!
Next is this beautiful teacup I got at Tevana for only $8.99.  It came with a lid to keep my tea warm and this infuser and a saucer.  The porcelain is so smooth....just lovely.
Right now I am drinking Twinings Prince of Wales Black tea, it goes down smooth and doesn't need but a tinch of sweetner.
I made that runner, I saw a picture of it in a magazine and knew I could replicate it....I cut the heart out of my sizzix dies.  Love it!!!  I will be back to see if there any comments.  Let me know if you want to continue with more challenges or just come back to see what I am doing!  hope to hear from you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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