Thursday, September 10, 2015

September Quiltalong a few days late!

Okay so hoping this post goes through WITH photos!!!  So to continue our quiltalong here you go with Septembers Post!!  I know you loose 10 days but I selected one that is pretty quick.  I would encourage you to use fall  or Halloween prints , just in time for Autumn and it would look great on the dining room table or as a display!!! It is not required, use what you wish, after all it is YOUR quilt!!!

    Please please send your email photo to me at Tildagirl@ msn  dot com ,  that is the best place for me to get your picture!!  Meet back here on October 1st for the parade and the new challenge for October.  Please have your photo to me by September 3oth!!! Thanks so much and here you go!!!

The name of it is pretty funny...."Use a Napkin only for your Mouth!"  Makes me chuckle because I always save the napkins I get in to go food and keep it in my car for all other uses!!  Don't you?  Okay so can't wait to see what you come up with!!!   See you soon!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hello my friends I am back!

I want to start this post off with an apology!!!  I didn't not mean to dessert this blog....we moved and the internet connection was not an easy transition.....we are still having problems. First and foremost my computer died.  Only 2 years old and it bit the dust!!! All I had was an Ipad.  Hubby, bless his heart, came home with a laptop and I am just having a hard time with it...but getting the hang of it.   UGH There isn't a phone jack in my computer room which started the next problem.  I have WIFI but there are to many things interfering with the line to reach my area and printer.....We had this Hummmmmmmm on the line...they came out 6 times to fix it....NOTHING.....still loud hum.....internet is fumbling....not easy they say....finally we think its the modem.  It arrived yesterday and today I will be toying with it to see if that is the problem.  OYE VEY!!!!!  We bought a Booster, they said it would work....NOT!!! $60 later still a hard connection. 

So that has been my quandary....the phone company doesn't understand bloggers....they don't want to either, they just want you to pay your bill and be quiet.  Well!!!!  We pay ours the day after it arrives in the mailbox, and for 17 years of living here its always been that way....we have ONE problem in 17 years and its like pulling teeth from a hungry TREX to get them to fix it!!!!  So here I sit trying one more time to update you all. 

Today I am going to try to upload the picture of the new quilt for the quilt along.  Please keep your fingers and toes crossed I can do it!!!  I have not desserted the blog or you my sweet friends, so check back please and hopefully I will succeed!!!! 


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