Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Coffee or Tea stained Tutorial

Hello everyone, I thought I would post a tutorial on how to get that aged look on a new quilt, item, or piece of fabric. 

Items in need:

Large bowl
Boiling water
Instant Coffee
10 Tea bags
Item to be dyed.

Okay so first you take your big bowl and put it in the sink.....I like to do my dying there because if water splashes out I am not ruining anything.  Add One saucepan of boiling water (about 8-12 cups water) then drop either tea bags OR your 2 cup instant coffee ( I used this Kava I have had in the pantry for about 6 years.  We didn't like it but didn't want to throw it out for just this occasion!).

Stir well to get a rich dark color such as this:

Next take your item, I am using a small quilt I picked up second hand that was too white, and dunk it in.....USE A WOODEN SPOON AS TO NOT BURN YOUR HANDS color you would like. 

When you have reached your color, which sometimes you can leave overnite if you like,  dump out the dye bath, hold your item in the bowl then fill it up with cold water and about 1/2 cup white vinegar....this sets the color.

 Let it sit for about 30 minutes.

  Dump out the water wring out the excess and then dry it....You can iron it if you need to but you can also leave it crinkly....your preference at this point and enjoy!!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A few great finds alot of photos and some babble!

Hello everyone!  Wanted to take a few minutes and write a post because life has been extra busy lately and well I wanna keep up with you all!  So one of the things my family and I love to do it go shopping at little junk shops and find some treasures, and boy did we ever the past couple of weeks!!!  Here goes some picture overload!!!

We love especially going to small towns in our area and so while out and about I stole a shot of a few things in Small town America!! (well Idaho to be exact!!) 

                                         Our daughter took this photo of me and hubby...I didn't notice the sign above my head until I was scroll through the photo's later on!
                                                    My handsome hubby walking down the main street.
                                         This was a cute little candy shop they still make every piece by hand!

And last but not least I went to a baby shower for a little girl and I love making little girl stuff so I made a few things for this baby girl a blanket, 4 burp rags, 2 head bands and one teeshirt dress I embellished.  Oh so much fun!!!  I hope she enjoys it!!!!  And since Mom to be is learning how to sew I picked up two very cute patterns and some material!

I had a group of ladies over and we enjoyed some tea and goodies and held a meeting for womens ministries at our church....I made this little paper tea cup using a Brenda Walton die by Sizzix.  Isn't it adorable!!!!
 I made these little heart cakes to share....it was right before valentines day.
                                             The fabulous group I work with....love them all

That's about it for now.....I will have more to blog about soon, just wanted to let you know I am still around and think of blogland often!!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

2016 Quiltalong Kickoff and a small parade!!!

Welcome and Welcome to the 2016 Quilt Along!!!  Today I am going to announce the first quilt for the 2016 Quiltalong but first I want to give you a small parade. 

If your over from The Enchanting Rose. Welcome!  Hit mr links and check out the blog, oodles of inspiration!

Last month, about 2 weeks ago I threw down a quick challenge to basically get our motors started and three of you took me up on it!!!  So I wanted to share the lovelies that Robin and Mickey and Laurie made along with my quilt as well......so with no more waiting .......The challenge was to make Sugar Maple Hearts and first up we have

 Mickey! I love the bright pinks against the white, she did make hers smaller then the pattern and that is great!  I love it and I really love that doll!!! So adorable!!!

And the next one is by Robin!! Hers is also smaller and love the warm colors.  I really like the quilting she did, I will have to use that on one of the quilts this year!!!  The lovely ladies in the photo are of her daughter and granddaughter. 

Laurie sent me hers and let me tell you it is so romantic!!!  I love the fabric especially the boarder...doesn't it feel Victorian to you???

And now mine.....I am not completely happy with it but it is fine.....I really changed it up with a few flowers, doily type things and buttons....

And now the moment your all waiting for!!!!  I have several quilts earmarked for this year and had a terrible time choosing which one to do soooooooo I had my daughter help me.....and this is what she chose!!!  Okay ladies and gents( if there are any) please turn to page 107 

Don't Play with Table Utensils, I love that one and have been wanting to make that for our eat in kitchen table.....and now I will get it done!!  woohoo!!

Okay so you have all month to make this and then send me a photo of your quilt, either completely finished or at the very least in flimsy form.  I can't wait to see the variations!!!!! Please have ALL photo's sent to my email addy Tildagirl @ msn dot com no later then February 29, its leap year, so I can get it all loaded up for the parade on the first of March.  Early is fine too!!!  Any time!!!  Just don't forget to put February Quilt along challenge in the subject line!!!

Now before I go, from time to time I am going to have one of YOU choose from one of three quilts OR either color selection for any of the upcoming challenges.  I will email you in advance so you have time to think it through....thought I would change it up a bit this year!!!  Hope your as excited as I am!!!  Here is the original post with rules for the quiltalong, join in at anytime....Http://huckleberrystitches.blogspot.com/2015/01/welcome-2015-and-small-quilt-club.html. .......okay until next time!! Happy quilting!!


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