Monday, December 14, 2015

Decembers Quilt along Parade

Hello everyone, I am kind of late to the game!!!  So sorry, now I remember why I don't have one in December!!! Busy , busy, Busy!!!  But let me tell you there was some creativity in the air!!!!  I am going to get right to the Parade! 

So there was a choice of three quilts from the book and the Laurie decided on making This very festive bright quilt!  And it is Lovely!!!  Great job Laurie!  Love those poinsettias!!!!

Next up is Gale from Nebraska!!!  Hers is upside down and I tried turning it around but I guess it just wants to be upside down....I just have to say this is GORGEOUS!!!!  I love everything about it, just absolutely beautiful!!!!!
Kay did this tree quilt and I love love love the fabrics...this is just so festive!!!  Super duper job Kay!

Mickey got REAL creative by painting hers on her barn space!!! I just love it!!!  What a great idea!!!!

I am so very happy with the varities this month!!  Everyone did a beautiful job!!!!
Now we need a break, one to take in and enjoy the Christmas Season, or Holiday of your background.  I will be back in January to announce the new quilt along!!!  I do hope you return and join in....I know it took a bit to post these but I really was on the fence about doing one for December, I thought I would give it a try and well, I blew it!!  Parties, performances, shopping, cleaning and setting things up took the front burner. 
I hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful Holiday season!!!!  Merry Christmas!!!! Happy Holidays!!!!  And a Happy New year!!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

November Parade

Well we had two faithful participants!  And it's probably my fault because we took a break and moving was so incredibly hard on me, plus during all of that our daughter started having was just an awful time for our family.  So everything took a back seat especially this quiltalong and especially this blog......and I apologize.

UPDATE:  Okay had a couple of request so I thought I would follow through.  Sooooooo the next challenge can be one of  FOUR quilts!!!  You can either do

Page 141  Tumbling Leaves  (sorry I couldn't get this to turn!!)

Page 112  Pretty Poinsettias
Page 148
Inspiration Point
And last but not least is Little Forrest Page 145
I choose quilts that varies from your busyness level....hope this helps and can't wait for the December 1st Parade!!!!  Be sure to email your photo's to Tildagirl @ msn dot com
Remember we are working out of the book
101 Fabulous Small quilts by That Patchwork Place!

I am really hoping with the new year we can begin again and really get some quilting done!  But I don't want to short change Laurie who worked diligently on hers and had pictures sent to me on time!  So with no further adu....presenting Lauries Turkey Tracks.

Laurie I appreciate you sticking with me and enjoying your lovely loving the red and white and the swirly quilting!  
Kay did hers using green accent, just in time for the holidays, and its hand quilted!  Beautiful!!!!

For those of you reading please come back...don't be a stranger.  I am going to leave you with some fall pictures of our porch and new front door....trim is being put on tomorrow...can't wait!  In the next few weeks we will be decorating for Christmas !  Can't wait!  

Friday, October 2, 2015

October 1st Quiltalong Parade

Well hello !  So moving is hard work!  I can't tell you how overwhelming it truly is at our age!  We are finally settling in but there are still about 20-30 boxes of stuff to go through....we have way to much stuff so I feel a yardsale coming on.....anyway onto the parade!  We had three BEAUTIFUL entries, I am hoping now that things are settleing down a bit I can ramp up the blog again and have more participants!  So without further adu here are the three along with the next months challenge at the bottom of this post.

First up we have Cathy from Big Lake Quilter Blog ( sorry but mr.linky wasn't letting me give a link...grrr) I love the autumn colors, oh so fallish, nice job Cathy! I really like the autumn color choices and the cream scattered throughout really make it pop!

Next up we have Vivians quilt which she made a little bit bigger at approximately at 36" x 45" as she is working on Wheelchair lap quilts to give to a local Nursing home!  What a great thing! She found boxes of extras and made hers, and so pretty too!

Last up and certainly not least is Laurie, I just love this!  So fun and the vignette is adorable!  Cute, cute, cute Halloween prints!  She made hers into a runner and looks great on her table!

And now mine, well yeah, I was stopped the past two days by a family emergency, all is well and everyone is fine, not to worry....but mine will get finished hopefully this weekend and posted.  
And now for the exciting part, what's up for next month you ask????
Here yea go!!
Turn to page 269
TURKEY TRACKS!!!! I thought this would be fun for the holiday season! 

Okay so be sure to email me your photo by Halloween night!  And then the parade will be on November 1st....want you to think about something and email me your thoughts....would you like to continue the Quiltalong for 2016?  If so, any suggestions you would like to see this year for little quilts?  Be sure to email me!!!  See you all soon!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

September Quiltalong a few days late!

Okay so hoping this post goes through WITH photos!!!  So to continue our quiltalong here you go with Septembers Post!!  I know you loose 10 days but I selected one that is pretty quick.  I would encourage you to use fall  or Halloween prints , just in time for Autumn and it would look great on the dining room table or as a display!!! It is not required, use what you wish, after all it is YOUR quilt!!!

    Please please send your email photo to me at Tildagirl@ msn  dot com ,  that is the best place for me to get your picture!!  Meet back here on October 1st for the parade and the new challenge for October.  Please have your photo to me by September 3oth!!! Thanks so much and here you go!!!

The name of it is pretty funny...."Use a Napkin only for your Mouth!"  Makes me chuckle because I always save the napkins I get in to go food and keep it in my car for all other uses!!  Don't you?  Okay so can't wait to see what you come up with!!!   See you soon!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hello my friends I am back!

I want to start this post off with an apology!!!  I didn't not mean to dessert this blog....we moved and the internet connection was not an easy transition.....we are still having problems. First and foremost my computer died.  Only 2 years old and it bit the dust!!! All I had was an Ipad.  Hubby, bless his heart, came home with a laptop and I am just having a hard time with it...but getting the hang of it.   UGH There isn't a phone jack in my computer room which started the next problem.  I have WIFI but there are to many things interfering with the line to reach my area and printer.....We had this Hummmmmmmm on the line...they came out 6 times to fix it....NOTHING.....still loud hum.....internet is fumbling....not easy they say....finally we think its the modem.  It arrived yesterday and today I will be toying with it to see if that is the problem.  OYE VEY!!!!!  We bought a Booster, they said it would work....NOT!!! $60 later still a hard connection. 

So that has been my quandary....the phone company doesn't understand bloggers....they don't want to either, they just want you to pay your bill and be quiet.  Well!!!!  We pay ours the day after it arrives in the mailbox, and for 17 years of living here its always been that way....we have ONE problem in 17 years and its like pulling teeth from a hungry TREX to get them to fix it!!!!  So here I sit trying one more time to update you all. 

Today I am going to try to upload the picture of the new quilt for the quilt along.  Please keep your fingers and toes crossed I can do it!!!  I have not desserted the blog or you my sweet friends, so check back please and hopefully I will succeed!!!! 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July 1st Parade!!!

Hello everyone!!!  I know I know I have been gone for one month!!  But truely I have a GREAT reason!!!  We  bought this...................

Our new home!  And so I have been busy getting our current home ready to sell and on the market and of course packing , pitching and more packing!!  Its been crazy, we also sold one of our rentals as well so as you can imagine I have been cray cray with everything.  

Because of this I did not partcipate in this months challenge and since it is smack dab in the middle of a VERY HOT summer AND the middle of this remodel and move (we are not moving in and living in a construction zone, its all getting done) I have decided to take the summer off of challenges and will resume in September. I will post the new project September 1st.  I know because of a break I may loose some of you and I get that.....ANYONE can participate and ANYTIME so jump in when you feel and come back if you decide to leave.  NO worries, no strick rules.  Soooooo without further adue, I must admit I was surprised that participation was very low, but thats okay, summertime is hard!

First up we have Laurie, look at her lovely quilt and as usual a lovely vinette! Loving the quilt and the longaberger baskets!!!  (I heart them) Check out her wavy flag material!  Clever!

Next up is Gale and I believe she is new to the group! Welcome Gale!  Her flags really pop with the tan background, lovely job!

And last but not least is Robin, She scaled hers way back and did 9 blocks....LOVE IT!!!!!

Tania made this flimsy a few years ago for a friend in New Zealand that loves the USA!!!  What a lovely gift

Anna sent in her version and its beautiful!  Love that border!! 

And thats it, just five participants this go around.  I do wish you all a lovely COOL summer and hope that you come back to visit....I will post when I can, moving is just so hard!!!  But I will be definitely Starting the challenge again in September!!!!!  Join anytime!!!!  Hugs my friends and remember GOD LOVES YOU!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1st Parade!

Hello everyone!  I know its been awhile but let me tell you things are a changin!!!! As you have noticed I have posted on my blog since last month!!! And I am sorry, will try to be better time providing, but hang in with me!    First we are changing the day program our girls attend...that in of itself is a huge undertaking...but its for the better and we are all excited for them!  Secondly is we are moving!  Well we hope!  You know what they say, its never done until its done.  But if all goes well it looks like in about a month to 45 days.

Soooooo Lots of packing and sorting and donating and yardsale situations going on here.....and in the new place will have my very own sewing room!  yeah!  Plus my fabric, which I own ALOT of, will be in my room.....its been in my storage shed for 9 years and what a chore to find a piece of fabric.  If this all comes together I will be sure to take pictures of my new space.  So please keep us in prayer that all goes smoothly!

Okay now onto the parade!  First I know you wanna know what is next so I wont keep you any longer.....I figured with the 4th of July coming up pretty quickly how nice would it be to display this small quilt around the house???  Please turn to page 267


Is by Alice Berg of Little Quilts

Now this month I am also going to issue a challenge to you IF you want to take it fine, it is not required but would be fun....Alter it to make it your something different from the pattern.  What fun it would be to see what others do!!!  Anyway will have fun seeing all of those in July!

And now Onto the parade!!  Oh let me say this EVERYONE did an amazing job!   I wish I could have made both but only did the one because of was not my friend this month!

First up is Anna!  I just love that strip fabric and the patriotic feel it lends...Very pretty!

Next up is Cathy from Big lake Quilter Love the fun fabrics she used.  Really nice~!

Laurie ALWAYS has the coolest vinettes!!!  I love her old machines, but look at those quilts!!! She did both and I really love the quilting she chose for both quilts....Super!

Look at the feather quilting.......ahhhhhhh gorgeous!

Mickey also did Both quilts the first one she didn't have enough patriotic fabrics so her quilty friends came to the rescue!!!  And how adorable are those Uncle Sams!

  She opened her fabric bin and found the squares right on top , if you look she quilted butterflies in the squares!  This one is going to her niece as a doll blanket....I am sure she will be thrilled! 

Robin made both quilts too, The medallion quilt she made this month and I love that firecracker burst fabric that surrounds the center star! 

She had previously made this quilt, how lucky is that!!!!

Susan chose to do this one this month and I love the bright pops on this one....I really love this, Great job! 

And mine....I used all scraps for this top with exception of the shirting....I actually had to buy that for this....but I loved using up the scraps I had sitting around.  I love when that happens!!!

And there you have a fun parade!!!  Everyone did a great job and I can't wait to see what you all make next month!!!  I will be better about blogging this month in between packing boxes!!  I am doing to say I may or may not be able to get mine done but I WILL do it .....If you have a suggestion as to a quilt you would like to see us make in this book, feel free to email me!!!  Also wanted to know how you all felt about Appliques!!!  Let me know and remember God loves Y O U!!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2015

May 1st Temperance Parade!!!

This months quilt was called Temperance, which stands for the Women's Christian Temperance Union, their colors Blue and white.

So I decided to do a little research and copy and paste an excerpt from the WTCU website which is still in operation today!  click on the link to read more about it!  Anyway here was what it had to say about why this organization was formed:

Welcome, and thanks for visiting the official site of the The  Woman's Christian Temperance Union.

The WCTU was organized by women who were concerned about the destructive power of alcohol and the problems it was causing their families and society.

They met in churches to pray and then marched to the saloons to ask the owners to close their establishments.

These activities are often referred to as the "Women's Crusades" and their success was both the forerunner and impetus for the founding of the WCTU. For more about the Crusades, CLICK HERE.

WCTU members chose total abstinence from all alcohol as their life style and they adopted this definition of temperance:

  • Temperance may be defined as:
  • moderation in all things healthful;
  • total abstinence from all things harmful

All very I am not advocating...just educating!  Look at me being a poet! haha

Okay so this last month we made Kathleen Tracy's Quilt T is for Temperance and I must say this is probably one of my favorite quilts!!!  Same opinion of many of you that are in the parade as well!

Before we start the parade here is the Next up for June 1st Parade!  I choose something that was fast and easy because I do know May brings on alot of festivities for some....Prom and Graduations, BUT there is also Memorial day in May and I am very Patriotic so I decided to have one that honors Memorial Day for the June 1st Parade I have chosen TWO can do one or the other or BOTH!!!  Your choice!!!  First up we have....Okay wait....grab up your scraps!!!!!

                                                     Scrap Squares by Kathleen Tracy!  

And the other Star Medallion also by Kathleen Tracy!

I am going to try to do both, what about you???????

Now lets get onto the Parade!!! Each and everyone of them are FABULOUS!!! You ladies did a wonderful job!!!

Betty Lou submitted her small quilt and it is so lovely!!!  I really like the borders and the background tans....really lovely job!

Jodi did a marvelous job on her little quilt....did you notice how she did hers with the T's being white!!  I love it!!!

Cathy did hers in a 12" square to hang on her table quilt hanger, beautiful, I love the quilting and the red binding.

Anna's is absolutely stunning they way she used that vine boarder print and that medallion of Abe Lincoln!  Very creative!

Susan's turned out lovely and I really like the modern twist with the border print...super job!

Laurie did an AMAZING job quilting hers!!!  I am totally loving the lines...wonderful job Laurie!

Nancy made hers for her sons college apartment for next year, what a lovely gift!!! and a lucky son!

Mickey made her flimsy and is the lucky one with a new machine!!!! Enjoy Mickey, beautiful quilttop!

Robin made her little quilt and hand quilted it which I think is stunning!  I love the little paisley border!  

And lastly is my flimsy....I am also going to hand quilt this one and I would have gotten that done BUT a lady drove into our carport and flattened that, moved the garage, totaled my sisters car and really damaged my hubbys truck....NOBODY was injured which was a huge blessing, but the insurance sure is being slow and our cars are still trapped 3 weeks later and many many phone calls and adjusters and estimates....sigh.....but anyway at least I got the flimsy done!

I am so pleased with all the beautiful quilts!!!!  And if your visiting for the first time, Welcome and feel free to join my blog with the button to the right!  If you would like to join our group , feel free ANYTIME!!!!  You don't need an invite, just read the rules right here:

Thank you for stopping by, leave some love for these ladies and remember....God loves you!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Tea Party in April!!!

Hello all!  I wanted to share a few photo's taken by my phone because I FORGOT the Cannon....sigh...anyway glad my phone has a good lens!

I am sharing this post over at Stephanie's Roses Of Inspiration party!  One you don't want to miss, it is filled with beautiful blogs and inspiration!

Every spring the Women's Ministries Board hosts a Tea Party with  a theme and this year it was Aprons!  Oh the wonderful Aprons and the stories that went with them were fabulous!!!  I decided to go ahead and make cute ones for me and the girls but remembered that youngest had purchased a darling apron a few months back so she was set.  I made mine and my other daughters...they turned out cute.  Here we are, what do you think?  If you look closely at mine I have flowers, Teapots and teacups all over my fabric.

Behind us was a wall filled with aprons from the early 20's on up!!!  One of the gals gave  a story on the history of Aprons and it was NEAT!!!!

So I hosted my table, brought my china to church and set up my table.....I stopped at Michaels and picked up a few things...mainly the flowers for the centerpiece...they were 60 % off!  What a steal!
I woke up VERY early the day of the tea to see my hubby off and well I figured I was up I might as well make myself do something so I made name cards, I love love love K & Company, see post below and so I used K&Company cardstock and embellishments.  

For each of the ladies at my table I gave them a cute teapot hatpin made by me, they loved them!  It brings me such joy that they appreciated the little gift.

Next up is the way I rolled the silverware, very inexpesive but it looks lovely.  I took the silverware rolled it in a napkin, then rolled it in a doily, tied it with a sheer pink ribbon and embellished it with a K & Company butterfly embellishment and stuck the hatpin in the ribbon area. ( I noticed after I took the picture my doily slipped out of position....forgot to take another photo after I fixed it!!! sigh.....

Next photo is the table....I had so much fun setting it up....wish you all could have been there with me!  We had a most delightful time and the speaker was lovely. I made sure every setting had a different teacup.

.....thanks for stopping by and remember ....God Loves you!


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