Monday, June 13, 2016

Stay tuned

Surgery went real well, recovery has been rough and slow....will jump on soon I promise and load the parade.  If you are reading this and haven't jumped ship on me thank you!!!  Life sometimes just throws us curveballs.  If your part of the QAL and didn't submit yours but have it done now send me the photo's!!!  I will join it to the parade.  It will be up in the upcoming days here shortly. 

very hard for me to sit for longer then 10 minutes.  but I will prevail and will be back!!!!



Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Technical difficulties and a surgery

okay so my laptop is giving me woes and I could get the parade posted....yet.

So I fiddled and fiddled and the photos were taking forever to load and I just gave it up.  I found the problem and will work on it in a week or two.

Now for the other part of my title .  Surgery, heading in early in the morning so I am out of time to keep fiddling.  I will be back and get that parade going, and well since I can't post a photo I decided since I will be out of commission for awhile I am going to let YOU pick the quilt of choice for next month!  That's right, do which every one you would like and send the photo to me and I will get it in the parade in July!!!

In the meantime, stay cool, heat wave coming....gonna be in the 100's by Friday!  Whoa summer came fast and furious!!!

Be back soon!!!



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