Saturday, November 1, 2014

November 1st Prairie Baskets Parade!!!!

Welcome to the Parade in November!

Oh what a fun quilt and FAST to make as well!  I really enjoyed this one....I have to tell..... my husband got involved in this one.  I had a stack of material sitting on the table just placing it and messing around on what I wanted where and he came up and asked what I was doing so I told him and he said, "Neat can I help you?"  Of course you can!!!!  And so he chose the fabrics and where they should go.  Definitely different from where I was thinking they would land but I figured since he is my BIGGEST supporter I would like to see quilting through his eyes!  Not to shabby I say!  It is just a flimsy at this point but I will wait to hear from him how he wants it quilted.  I love that man! 

Okay so on to the Parade..................


This little lovely comes from Mickey!  And I must say I love the vignette!!  Isn't it GREAT!!! And the colors fit the outdoors, so natural. Be sure to enlarge the photo, the quilting is very nice.

Mandy brings us a two fabric choice that is so pretty!  As of late I have been digging the Cheddar color fabric and this combo shows it off...just so lovely!

Okay I am a browns girl, and Robin did a wonderful job getting this earthy color combo together!  That grid quilting is superb!

Sandy pulled together two super colors that always make me smile, Yellow and Blue, there is just something so happy about this duet of colors.

Next up is Sues little, again another great combo blue and green.  So soothing and love the display on the leaves.

Now Terri's quilt is just so beautiful and I love when she sent it in she told me how she ran out of one of the fabrics so she gave it a "make do" look like a child made it!!!  Can you see it?  I think its Genius!!!!  Love it and great display!

Last but certainly NOT least is one that just sings to me!!  Laurie used a Modern flair!!!  Look at those yummy fabrics!!!  If the young ladies of today had to make quilts out of their Moms scrap fabrics this is what it would look like!!  I love it!

Wasn't that a SUPER DOOPER Parade!!!!!! Each and everyone of you bring your unique flair and many talents to this blog and for that I am so greatful!!! I have sooooooo Enjoyed This parade!!!  Thank you ladies!!!!  And now for the moment you have all been waiting for!!! The FINAL pattern in this series for the year 2014............are you ready?????????? 

B R O K E N   D I S H E S!!!!
Now I am not wishing you broken dishes especially when this is the time of year we pull out our finest, but I just love this little.  And I can picture it under the tree for some little girl to have for her dolly!!!!!  Please keep scrolling for Januarys Start!!!!

Okay ladies, grab your Paper and pencil and jot this down on your Christmas list!!!  We will be working in this book for 2015 and if all goes well who knows for how long!!!  But there are MANY beautiful littles in this book and I think its a must for every quilter that adores making little ones!  I got mine from Amazon, but you can find it everywhere!  I also took mine to my local print shop and had them bind it so it lays flat and it was less then $5!!!  Great deal!  So please Join me in January with this book in hand for some more great challenges and Parades!!!!!

Before I close I wanted to wish each and everyone of you the Happiest of Thanksgivings and Blessings.  I know I am sooooo greatful for The Lords Bounty that he continues to bless our family with and very thankful for my family.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!


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