Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Its a Signature Quilt Parade!!!!

First I have to tell you about this place before we hit the parade!  We moved from Brooklyn, New York to the small town of Spring Hill, Florida when I was 8 years old.  And when I say small, I mean small! There was a place called The little Red Schoolhouse ........ This place was the gathering place for anything crafty and also the town library.  It was very cute inside and I can remember walking into the building the air conditioning would welcome you in with a blast.  Florida is HOT and I mean HOT!  I beelined outta there when I turned 21 for a job in Denver, Colorado with Frontier Airlines.  But I have the fondest memories of the Lil' Red School House, every Tuesday evening my mother and sisters and I would go and do ceramics, that was the big craft back then (think 70's)..... to the left of this building is the community baseball field I used to play on growing up.  I belonged to the city league Suncoast Ecologists.  To the right of the building was the community center where they held wedding receptions and meetings and the annual Chicken Pluckin Contest.....yep you read that right, check out that link....I am even in that photo of everyone on the stage, I am the little girl all the way on the right on the ground up against the stage with my hand on my hip! hahahaha!    I scrapped this page back in 2008 and posted it on my other blog of whose password I can't remember nor would BlogSpot release so I had to start this blog....oh well....its mainly scrapbooking stuff....browse around if you so feel inclined. Okay funny story over....

ANYWAY, knowing my LOVE for this place of fond memories when I was browsing the pages of Kathleens book that we are working out of I spotted this little quilt and thought YEP!!!  Its next!
So here you go for next Quilt Along for August!   SO HERE IT IS!!!! AUGUST QUILT ALONG!!!!

Little Red Schoolhouse!  Page 62 Yippee!!!

 Please Please, In the comment section of this post let me know if you want to go on with more littles in September on or not .... this was going to be our last quilt and we were going to resume with Sinta and Sherry's Quilt alongs.  

As always color is YOUR choice!  Have fun and remember to send me an email with your photo and link to your blog if you so choose On or before August 31 for the September 1st Parade.

And now onto the Parade!!  I just love ALL the entries!!!! They are all sweet looking!!!  So sit back and enjoy the show!

First up Sue, loving the Rich colors and antique feel of the boarder!

Mandy, I look at this and think Laura Ingalls!
  Love the choice here of flowers 

Mickey, oh the pinks and browns!  Need I say more?  Great color combo!

Terri, this one has hilarious sayings from her Grandmother!  Click on the photo and see if you can read it and the use of Hearty Good Wishes fabrics by Janet Clare, her Grandmother lived at the beach hence the use of fabrics!  Great tribute!

Robin used lovely prints, loving the civil war feel to this, she also sent in  a close up shot so you can read the quotes!

Peggy did a lovely version of this quilt and its already displayed and on the counter!  Way to go Peggy! digging the red white and blue!

Next up is  Mindy's she did what I thought about doing and now I wish I had adding extra blocks! great job and I love the fabric used for the borders!  

Laurie did a beautiful job Stitching her sayings which read
Live simply, Care deeply, Love generously, Speak kindly, & From simple things... come simple joy.

Sandy did a lovely version I really like how soft it looks.

Tania did a great job too!  Love the flower border...sooooo pretty!

And then there is mine, just a flimsy but I will be adding a red border and it will pop...

.I just love all the versions this month and thank each and everyone of you for participating!  Enjoy the next months quilt along and remember to let me know if you want to continue beyond this quilt for September by telling me in the remarks!   Enjoy everyone and meet you back here soon!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Hiroshima Needles......

Well I caved!   I have been hearing all about these needles and how wonderful they you will sew like "butter".   I had to know for myself and so I purchased #9 quilting needles and #9 embroidery needles.

They are packaged real cute !
And when you open them they come like this"...........

DARLING!  But they better be, they were a bit spendy....$7.99 for 8 needles.

The needle goes through more then 30 processes to make sure they are safe and high quality. They are known for  smooth fabric piercing and flexibility.

So I will let you know how they are!  Hopefully they will be smooth as butter!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mini Cherry quilt Parade!

Well I have to say this was a favorite of mine....this was by far a very easy quilt and the directions were so simple...easy to follow!   I only received one entry which is fine but I would encourage you to try your hand at this mini!

Joann over at Fig tree Quilts said we could feature this quilt and so it goes.  It may be a small parade, but it's a great parade!  If you haven't tried yours yet, go ahead and make it, it only took me two hours!

Mindy made this great interpretation of the mini.  I like the way she turned half the other direction and added the cornerstones...very nice job Mindy!

And mine....I am going to bind it in a really cute red gingham print...will post it when it's complete!  If you finish yours , send me a photo and I would be happy to post it.  

Stay tuned......

Having a hard time uploading today, please stay tuned for the cherry quilt parade....I will post it as soon as my computer cooperates.  So sorry......

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Yeah Its finally here and I must say before we get started, each and everyone of them are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  Everyone did an amazing job!   Now I know your wanting to know what next so I won't let you wait anymore!!!!  Turn to page 16!!  Signature quilt!

I have ALWAYS wanted to make one of these....for like years!  Do you know what your going to put
in the writing part?  I might....definitely thinking on it!

Okay so here we go with the parade! Here is mine, I chose reproduction Civil War Prints.  My d├ęcor is Colonial so this just fits right in.

Next up we have Carol , she doesn't have a blog but check out the awesome way she displayed her quilt!

Sue did an awesome job and I just love the colors, and those stars! WOW

Terri did a marvelous job and displayed hers on a crib her GREAT grandfather made for her when she was a little girl, it fits perfectly.

Sandy did a lovely job on her quilt and I really like the red border, really pops this quilt.

Mandy from the UK  made this lovely log cabin, loving the cheddar color!!

Mickey found us on Kathleen Kelly's board and decided to join us!  Her little quilt is special as she had just completed a large sized log cabin for her son an had enough scraps to make this for his room.  Its always a plus when we can use up our scraps AND coordinated it with something else!

Robin is just about finished with hers and I think the colors are pretty!

Tania's' lovely log cabin pretty, pretty!

And last but not least is Lauries use of an array of pinks, I just love this!
Great job ladies!  Here is to next month! Can't wait to see next months signature quilts!!!!I am also hosting a  Mid month BONUS quilt along with parade with a Mini quilt by Joanna Figueroa from Fig Tree QUilts as well its the mini Cherries, it is  darling!!!!....Check out this post ( below this one) to jump on board..the parade will be mid month in July.....I think it would make a great summer table display!  Hope you sweet ladies play along!


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