Saturday, January 31, 2015

Box of Chocolates Quilt Along Parade!

Hello and Welcome to the first Parade of the year!  Wow oh Wow did everyone make pretty quilts, I was happy to see some returning faces and some new this year.  And if you want to join in , its never to late!  Come when you can!  Please leave some love for these lovelies if your at the parade!

Now I know your excited to see whats on tap for next month and I think thats the best part, seeing what is next and going to pick out the fabrics...hehe...I know I already have mine picked out and waiting in my basket, so I won't make you wait any longer!  Turn to Page 225...........
Answer All Invitations That Ask You to RSVP!!  DARLING!!!!!  I picked this one when I started reading the instructions...okay okay, looking at the pictures at how easy this quilt comes together and it looks complicated to anyone else with its design!   Love it!!! So start pickin those fabrics and sew!

And now the Parade....Oh the lovelies.....grab that cuppa joe or tea and sit back and enjoy the show!!!

Here is mine....I chose valentine colors to grace my table, then I made doilies out of lace and topped them with a brown yoyo, you'll have to enlarge the photo to see the lace under the yoyo' me it looked like those wrappers in a box of chocolates! lol  on my display I added the valentines treat bags I made in this post Valentine treat bags.

Vivian from Iowa made two versions this one in Reds....I Heart this one


                                               And this one with lovely cream colored buttons!

Terri used some pretty browns and pinks to make hers as well , love the table its on, way to go Terri!

Robin made this lovely version and left the centers plain but the quilting shows it off!  Nice job.

Annette did a lovely job on hers with some real pretty colors!  Santa brought her the book!

Laurie made an extended boarder and made hers a little bit bigger, I love it!!!  Nice display too!

Gale used three fabrics which I really like and it makes it look 3 demensional!  Beautiful !

Sandy, a returning member did this , IMO, very romantic version!  Love that lace piece too!  Awesome job!

Jodi, new to us did hers using blues and it is GORGEOUS!,!
Another view 

Cathy was the first one finish and did a super job with hers! and man was she fast!  I love the hanger I need to get one of those!  Pretty Quilt!

Mickey found this treasure of a doll bed and made hers to fit the bed!  SO DARLING!!!!!  Love the big buttons too!

Susan in New York submitted this cute quilt and made yoyos for her "chocolates"  Great job Susan! 

Last but NOT least is Anna's, I absolutely love, love, love this one....the colors are so rich, and I like the heart buttons in the four corners, Really , really lovely!

Thank you so much for joining the parade ladies!!!  I hope you enjoy the next quilt and bust the stash!!!  Totally love ALL the quilts!  See you all soon!!!!  Have fun and Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Valentines Treat Bags

This is the day that The Lord has made, be glad and rejoice in it!!! AMEN!

This post is up to the linky party over at  The Enchanting Rose Roses of Inspiration party
Check it out, tons of beautiful blogs on display!

Today I am going to show you some darling treat bags that I made using the sample that Stephanie made on her blog The Enchanting Rose that I absolutely fell in love with!!!  I mean the possibilities are endless!!!  

I stopped into our local used bookstore and my bookmaster there had quite a few hardback books that were just 50 cents!!!  I was thrilled so I snapped up a few , brought them home, grabbed my exactoknife and started slicing away. I sewed around three sides, using some Valentines Stamps and red and pink inks stamped the images....folded a paper doily in half, punched two holes, tied it with pastry string and added a rose...that easy!!!!  And the result are these!!! I am ready for valentines and I have have filled them with some chocolatey goodness!!!  Dove is wonderful! ;0)

And so I leave you with this........A verse that hit me this week and has lingered and is sinking in on how true this applies almost daily .....

John 13:7
Jesus replied, "You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand."

Isn't that wonderful that we have that hope that He is ALL knowing and His perfect plan is always working in our lives. Amen!!!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Unfinished finishes........

Good Day everyone!  I have been thinking as I was working on my project for this months Parade that I have several unfinished finishes in my basket and on my ladder of quilts.  And well, they really need to get done! There really isn't a good excuse as to why they are not completed so I thought I would tell on myself and somehow that would make me accountable to get them finished in 2015.  Okay , whatever makes me feel better! LOL  But seriously I have decided to use a blog post a month on something that is unfinished to finish.

So here are my admitted unfinishes in photos!!!!  Can't get more evidence then that!  And the funny thing is when I was unfolding them to take a picture of them, I have the backs and binding fabrics folded with them so all I ever needed to do is sit down and do it!  How many times was I bored with nothing to do and these could have been my something????  So here it is folks......

17 Quilt tops!!!!  WOWZERS!!!!!  So that is my little hidden you have any?  Anyone care to join me in my quest to finish up my unfinished projects?  Or am I alone in this?  If you do then I challenge you.....join me, but when yours is finished and posted on your blog, send me a note so I can see it!!!!   Happy Friday everyone!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Behind in photos!

I am linking up to Roses of inspiration , hop on over and take a look around, some great blogs and Stephanie's blog is gorgeous and very inspiring!

So today I decided to take my card out of my Cannon and see what was on it....Ummmm how about 848 pictures worth!  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  So I went through the photo's some great some not so great and went through the daunting task of getting rid of blurry ones or unflattering photo's.  I really think this year I am going to take a course in photography.  I have this beautiful camera and a Tamron lens and still can't take a good balanced photo!  So I thought I would share what was on that card....good grief! Okay so here we go! PICTURE OVERLOAD!!!!
                                             Me and My Mommy!!! She just turned 76 in March
                                            Doesn't she look great!

                                         My sister Rose, My Mom and Me about Summertime
                                                      Idaho sunset If you look real close at the top of the mountain
                                           It appears to look like Calvary...three Crosses, it is up at our Ski Resort
                                           approximately 35 miles away....view from my porch and we live in the
                                           city limits.  I love Boise.
                                             my Sister Rose, our Mom and Me and the quilt show

                                         My family, My Mom and my Mother in law in July
                                          My daughters and my Mom they had just given her that heart.
                                            Since January 14 I have been on a weightloss journey
                                            at this point in this photo Fall time I had lost 68 pounds.
                                            Our Mom going back to New Jersey...Love her. I really miss her
                                             She is on the waiting list for an Apartment at the Senior complex
                                             They are thinking Spring to summer, CAN'T WAIT!!!!!
                                           Me and my 90 year old neighbor the night she moved away....really going                                            miss the ole gal...she was a hoot!  Yes I am wearing a Denver Bronco
                                           Jersey....Peyton is my Manning...hehe
                                         This photo to me is funny!!! My youngest daughter
                                          Photo bombed at the last minute! haha Up at our cabin
                                          for Labor day.

                                         My cuteness Sweet Great Niece turning One
                                          My hubby, Me, our daughters and great niece during a
                                           BSU game and Eldest daughters birthday
                                                 Christmas Eve Day Table being set
                                          My daughters, my self, my sister Rose being goofy
                                          Hubby gave this to me for Christmas, I love glass candy...Pretty

                                            The girls and Eldest daughters Boyfriend in line at the State Fair

                                           Me and Mr H at the State Fair Summertime.
                                          Me and the girls on Thanksgiving day.

So thats about it....there were tons more but didn't want to bore you!!! haha  Next time I will check the camera and download it sooner!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Welcome 2015 and Small Quilt Club!!!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!!!  I unplugged for the Holiday season to spend much needed time with Family and Friends and boy did we have fun!  We were very busy visiting and parties, football games, and just having plain fun!    And now at the beginning of the New Year I trust your all ready to get started with our club again!!!  So if your new to us you can join in at anytime of the year and if you need a break that is fine as well.  At the first of each month (give or take a day or two) I will post a pattern that we will be making as a group, you choose your fabrics and your style.  You work on your project for the entire month and then upload a photo to me before the 30th of each month (there is a contact us button on the right or just send it to Tildagirl@msn dot com title it Quilt Club 2015)  and on the first of the next month I will not only post the new pattern for the following month, but a parade full of the prettiest small quilts!!!!  They can be a flimsy or totally quilted.  Sooooo, the book we will be working out of all year is this book:
Maybe Santa put it under your tree?  If not you can purchase it pretty much anywhere, your local Quilt store or even on Amazon.  

I know your all anxious to see what we are doing first and I thought well the parade takes place February 1st so why not do something to coordinate with Valentines day? So without further adue.....turn to page.......54 and open BOX OF CHOCOLATE!!!!!  Yippee!!!! 

 Feel free to comment in the comments section and I can get back to you at anytime or email me as well!  Have fun with it and use fabrics of YOUR choice.  Don't forget to email me a photo of your completed quilt top and your name to give you credit and I will post the parade!  


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