Thursday, March 2, 2017

March 1st Quiltalong Parade!!!

Hello everyone and welcome to the March 1st Quiltalong Parade!  I am really loving all the color that was used in this months Quiltalong Soaring Triangles.  But before I get started on the Parade I just HAVE to show you what just happened......

                                                        Meet Tallgrass Miss Remington
She is the newest addition to our family and let me tell you she is the sweetest most affectionate, loving dog....EVER.   Tallgrass Miss Remington is her formal papered name, we call her


We rescused her out of Washington from a family that could no longer keep her as they had 3 very young ones and another dog.  Remi is just 1 year 9 months and is a Gordon Setter.  She is our 3rd Gordon and they make the best pets.  The bottom picture was taken as my husband left for work.  He flew up to Washington to pick her up and drove back with her and they had 8 hours to bond.  She is his shadow when he is home.  Its really cute the watch the two of them! 

Okay, Okay I know that is not why your here but I just had to gush about her.....

Now onto the Spectacular, Colorful Parade!!!!!

First up is Mandy from the UK!  She was on it this month, she submitted hers in the middle of February! 
Here's what she said: "I didnt have the book or pattern so i used my knowledge of sewing to complete the blocks.   I love how its turned out too - would be nice done in just, say white and blue , with different shades of blue . I may make another one just to see what it turns out like."
Amazing Talent Mandy!!!

Next up is Judy, she did a really nice job with color selection.  Love the red center and how it progresses from blue to green really reminds me of the ocean...nice color selection!
Robin who has been with me I believe since the beginning is someone who I aspire to be....she gets it done from A-Z in lightening speed and her quilting is always beautiful.  Here's what Robin wrote
"  I had a set of charm squares (Jelly Bean by Laundry Basket Quilts) that I had bought on sale ages ago.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!"  So am I Springy!

Laurie has also been with me about the same amount of time as Robin!  And she is not short of Talent either...I am really liking all the Bright pink in this one coupled with the flower print..... makes me dream of spring.
and last up is mine.  I choose a Betsy Chuchains charm pack.  After I started sewing all the pieces and ironing them opened my first thought was, "this is gonna look like a Halloween quilt"  but after I layed out all the pieces I thought hey this isn't so bad!!!  I added a border to it to give it that pop  What do you think?

And now wait no more for Next months Selection!!!  Going back to Kathleen Tracy's book
Small and Scrappy we will be doing "Disappearing Four-Patch Runner"

Here's what I figured....its tax season....I am going to be drowning in paperwork and receipts so I thought I would pick a quick  one for this month.  Can't wait to see what you gals come up with!!!  Please remember to leave some love for these very talented ladies!!!  If your new and want to join along here is the Original Post:

Until next time!!!  I will be reviewing a great iron to keep by your machine!!!  stay tuned!


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