Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1st Parade!

Hello everyone!  I know its been awhile but let me tell you things are a changin!!!! As you have noticed I have posted on my blog since last month!!! And I am sorry, will try to be better time providing, but hang in with me!    First we are changing the day program our girls attend...that in of itself is a huge undertaking...but its for the better and we are all excited for them!  Secondly is we are moving!  Well we hope!  You know what they say, its never done until its done.  But if all goes well it looks like in about a month to 45 days.

Soooooo Lots of packing and sorting and donating and yardsale situations going on here.....and in the new place will have my very own sewing room!  yeah!  Plus my fabric, which I own ALOT of, will be in my room.....its been in my storage shed for 9 years and what a chore to find a piece of fabric.  If this all comes together I will be sure to take pictures of my new space.  So please keep us in prayer that all goes smoothly!

Okay now onto the parade!  First I know you wanna know what is next so I wont keep you any longer.....I figured with the 4th of July coming up pretty quickly how nice would it be to display this small quilt around the house???  Please turn to page 267


Is by Alice Berg of Little Quilts

Now this month I am also going to issue a challenge to you IF you want to take it fine, it is not required but would be fun....Alter it to make it your something different from the pattern.  What fun it would be to see what others do!!!  Anyway will have fun seeing all of those in July!

And now Onto the parade!!  Oh let me say this EVERYONE did an amazing job!   I wish I could have made both but only did the one because of was not my friend this month!

First up is Anna!  I just love that strip fabric and the patriotic feel it lends...Very pretty!

Next up is Cathy from Big lake Quilter Love the fun fabrics she used.  Really nice~!

Laurie ALWAYS has the coolest vinettes!!!  I love her old machines, but look at those quilts!!! She did both and I really love the quilting she chose for both quilts....Super!

Look at the feather quilting.......ahhhhhhh gorgeous!

Mickey also did Both quilts the first one she didn't have enough patriotic fabrics so her quilty friends came to the rescue!!!  And how adorable are those Uncle Sams!

  She opened her fabric bin and found the squares right on top , if you look she quilted butterflies in the squares!  This one is going to her niece as a doll blanket....I am sure she will be thrilled! 

Robin made both quilts too, The medallion quilt she made this month and I love that firecracker burst fabric that surrounds the center star! 

She had previously made this quilt, how lucky is that!!!!

Susan chose to do this one this month and I love the bright pops on this one....I really love this, Great job! 

And mine....I used all scraps for this top with exception of the shirting....I actually had to buy that for this....but I loved using up the scraps I had sitting around.  I love when that happens!!!

And there you have a fun parade!!!  Everyone did a great job and I can't wait to see what you all make next month!!!  I will be better about blogging this month in between packing boxes!!  I am doing to say I may or may not be able to get mine done but I WILL do it .....If you have a suggestion as to a quilt you would like to see us make in this book, feel free to email me!!!  Also wanted to know how you all felt about Appliques!!!  Let me know and remember God loves Y O U!!!!!


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