Monday, November 2, 2015

November Parade

Well we had two faithful participants!  And it's probably my fault because we took a break and moving was so incredibly hard on me, plus during all of that our daughter started having was just an awful time for our family.  So everything took a back seat especially this quiltalong and especially this blog......and I apologize.

UPDATE:  Okay had a couple of request so I thought I would follow through.  Sooooooo the next challenge can be one of  FOUR quilts!!!  You can either do

Page 141  Tumbling Leaves  (sorry I couldn't get this to turn!!)

Page 112  Pretty Poinsettias
Page 148
Inspiration Point
And last but not least is Little Forrest Page 145
I choose quilts that varies from your busyness level....hope this helps and can't wait for the December 1st Parade!!!!  Be sure to email your photo's to Tildagirl @ msn dot com
Remember we are working out of the book
101 Fabulous Small quilts by That Patchwork Place!

I am really hoping with the new year we can begin again and really get some quilting done!  But I don't want to short change Laurie who worked diligently on hers and had pictures sent to me on time!  So with no further adu....presenting Lauries Turkey Tracks.

Laurie I appreciate you sticking with me and enjoying your lovely loving the red and white and the swirly quilting!  
Kay did hers using green accent, just in time for the holidays, and its hand quilted!  Beautiful!!!!

For those of you reading please come back...don't be a stranger.  I am going to leave you with some fall pictures of our porch and new front door....trim is being put on tomorrow...can't wait!  In the next few weeks we will be decorating for Christmas !  Can't wait!  


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