Thursday, December 4, 2014

December 1st parade! Broken Dishes!!!

Well Hello everyone.....let me start by saying I have been having quite the time trying to get this post up!  For some reason my desktop will NOT load my pictures, I have spent 3 days watching that little circle struggle to upload photo's to my post!  I went on my IPAD and I loaded the pictures just fine but it wouldn't let me write anything without it moving the pictures everywhere!  What on earth!  So I got smart.....I loaded all the pictures on my IPAD and then saved the draft and wrote everything on my desktop.  Anyone out there know what the problem is?  Ahhhhh gotta love technology!  So my apologies to everyone involved. 

For December I would encourage you to finish up any projects that didn't quite get done or maybe one of the littles that need quilted!!!  I would be happy to post anything you finish on my blog for a January parade if you so like......Or just enjoy the Season of Christmas and the love of your family!!!!  We will meet back here January 2015 for the kick off of the New book we will be working from....see the bottom of the parade! hehe

And now the moment we have all been waiting for ......THE PARADE OF BROKEN DISHES!!!!!  Let me tell you this is my all time favorite pattern....just makes me think of all the scraps from dresses that were made thrown in a basket and then making a cute little doll quilt for a girl at Christmas time!!!  Okay so here we go!!!!!

First Up:  Mickey's broken dishes are so pretty with that soft boarder!  and the staging is just as I would imagine that time period, just lovely!
Laurie used up all her scraps from two charm packs to make a Christmas table that creative boarder and kudos to you to use all the leftovers!

Who doesn't love a good pokadot!!!  Robins version is so scrappy and pleasantly set!  really like the boarder here!

Sandy created this lovely making a smaller is so adorable!  I love the warm colors, really pretty!

Sue created this version which the colors are delish!!!  great detail on the quilting Sue!

Terri  made this lovely, I am really digging the rich color scheme!  And that vinette, WOW!!!  Super job Terri!

And now mine!  I made mine using 2.5" squares from a Mini charm pack and then had to add a little bit more fabric because it didn't quite get me all the squares I needed. 

Beginning in January 2015 we will be working from the book titled: 

101 Fabulous Small Quilts by That Patchwork Place (see photo in post below) I really do hope you continue to join us and more are welcome!!!!  Thank you to those that have participated in this book, it was great fun and now we have lots of adorable little quilts to give or to decorate with!!!  Enjoy!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

November 1st Prairie Baskets Parade!!!!

Welcome to the Parade in November!

Oh what a fun quilt and FAST to make as well!  I really enjoyed this one....I have to tell..... my husband got involved in this one.  I had a stack of material sitting on the table just placing it and messing around on what I wanted where and he came up and asked what I was doing so I told him and he said, "Neat can I help you?"  Of course you can!!!!  And so he chose the fabrics and where they should go.  Definitely different from where I was thinking they would land but I figured since he is my BIGGEST supporter I would like to see quilting through his eyes!  Not to shabby I say!  It is just a flimsy at this point but I will wait to hear from him how he wants it quilted.  I love that man! 

Okay so on to the Parade..................


This little lovely comes from Mickey!  And I must say I love the vignette!!  Isn't it GREAT!!! And the colors fit the outdoors, so natural. Be sure to enlarge the photo, the quilting is very nice.

Mandy brings us a two fabric choice that is so pretty!  As of late I have been digging the Cheddar color fabric and this combo shows it off...just so lovely!

Okay I am a browns girl, and Robin did a wonderful job getting this earthy color combo together!  That grid quilting is superb!

Sandy pulled together two super colors that always make me smile, Yellow and Blue, there is just something so happy about this duet of colors.

Next up is Sues little, again another great combo blue and green.  So soothing and love the display on the leaves.

Now Terri's quilt is just so beautiful and I love when she sent it in she told me how she ran out of one of the fabrics so she gave it a "make do" look like a child made it!!!  Can you see it?  I think its Genius!!!!  Love it and great display!

Last but certainly NOT least is one that just sings to me!!  Laurie used a Modern flair!!!  Look at those yummy fabrics!!!  If the young ladies of today had to make quilts out of their Moms scrap fabrics this is what it would look like!!  I love it!

Wasn't that a SUPER DOOPER Parade!!!!!! Each and everyone of you bring your unique flair and many talents to this blog and for that I am so greatful!!! I have sooooooo Enjoyed This parade!!!  Thank you ladies!!!!  And now for the moment you have all been waiting for!!! The FINAL pattern in this series for the year 2014............are you ready?????????? 

B R O K E N   D I S H E S!!!!
Now I am not wishing you broken dishes especially when this is the time of year we pull out our finest, but I just love this little.  And I can picture it under the tree for some little girl to have for her dolly!!!!!  Please keep scrolling for Januarys Start!!!!

Okay ladies, grab your Paper and pencil and jot this down on your Christmas list!!!  We will be working in this book for 2015 and if all goes well who knows for how long!!!  But there are MANY beautiful littles in this book and I think its a must for every quilter that adores making little ones!  I got mine from Amazon, but you can find it everywhere!  I also took mine to my local print shop and had them bind it so it lays flat and it was less then $5!!!  Great deal!  So please Join me in January with this book in hand for some more great challenges and Parades!!!!!

Before I close I wanted to wish each and everyone of you the Happiest of Thanksgivings and Blessings.  I know I am sooooo greatful for The Lords Bounty that he continues to bless our family with and very thankful for my family.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Parade....Bear's Paw a Quilt

Well aren't I the bad blogger!  Well actually been sick this month with whatever this virus thing is that is going around but I think I am finally getting back to normal.  We have had such beautiful entries this month I must say I couldn't pick even one as a favorite!  They are ALL my favorite!  Kudos to everyone for sending photos of such pretty Bear paws!

So for next month I have chosen the next project from Kathleen Tracy's book Prairie Children and their Quilts.  You can find it on page 55, Prairie Baskets Quilt!  I chose this because around this time of year I think of baskets of Harvest....and I feel so blessed to live in a nation where we can celebrate the bounty of plentiful food.  We truly are blessed!  Here is a photo of the quilt.

And now for the Parade!  This is my flimsy but working on getting it quilted. I find with small projects I want to hand quilt it....we'll see, but I just couldn't resist using these fun Halloween prints! 

First up we have a lovely display and beautifully done earth tones by Denise! Great quilting too!

Laurie used warm Browns , so soothing and I like that she did each block in one color.  Well done! Another example of excellent quilting.

Mindy in the UK used such pretty country colors, and that display is awesome! I like the big boarder being eliminated...nice take.

Mickey's little quilt is so stunning using that cheddar boarder!  Tha black really makes it pop.

Robin set the tones with a scrappy look of country colors....nice take with the blue frame!

Sandy out did herself with this beautiful version, I am really digging the brown boarders!  

Sue did a great job with her scrappy look!  Love the brown border, and that scenery is gorgeous too!

And last but not least is Terri's, I like it on the chair!  Great idea and wonderful colors!

So now you can see what I mean that they all turned out so lovely!  Great job ladies!  Can't wait to see what you come up with next month!  
I just wanted to give you a heads up......we have about 2 more small quilts we will be doing out of this book for October and November.....we will Take December off and resume in January using
101 Fabulous Small Quilts by That Patchwork Place....perhaps Santa just may put that under your tree?  Hope your all still in!  just let me know! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 1st School house Parade!

Welcome to Fall Everyone and the September Parade!  Sorry for the delay but I didn't remember that the 1st would be Labor Day and was going to be out of town!  So very sorry, so lets just jump right in!  So I asked last month if you wanted to continue or discontinue the Quilt Along and I received an overwhelming response to continue!!!  And so I did think long and hard about it and decided to continue!  and sooooooooooo, October's Quilt will be on page 25 Bear's Paw Quilt!  I thought an easy one would be the recipe for this month with the kick off of fall and all that ensues with school starting!  Remember to upload a photo with your name to me at Tildagirl@ msn dot com by September 31st for the parade October 1st!!! 

So without further adu, lets begin the parade!  First up is Laurie's School house quilt, I just love what she did with the border!  So clever and my heart always swoons with Red, White and Blue!

Mindy's is so stunning with matching houses and that red, oh so beautiful!

I love , love , love the soothing colors Robin used in her quilt, very nice Robin!

Sue did an awesome job on hers and the colors are so striking, so very pretty and I love the back drop, really nice!

Last but certainly not least We have Terri's quilt, another beautiful choice of fabrics and great backdrop!

Now I know your wondering what happened to mine, well I was just about done with it when unexpectedly I found myself taking care of my 90 year old neighbor who was failing fast and was so very hard to watch.  She really couldn't do anything for herself much anymore, my heart was breaking and so we called her family.  They came  and we helped them move to her grandsons home in a neighboring is the first day I have had to even breath and I am hoping my heart heals soon , I really loved that ole gal, we spent many a days talking and sitting out on the porch for the past 8 years, I am really going to miss her  ....I will add mine to the parade in a couple of days......oh yea, I need to recharge the battery in my camera as well, used it all yesterday.....boy am I glad its fall and the routine is back to normal.  See you all soon! Glad we are going to continue!

So for now, have a wonderful day and see you real soon!!!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Been finding treasures!

Oh have we been having lots of fun!  Hubby and I have always had a lot of fun yard saleing, picking, treasure hunting or whatever you prefer to call it, but we do have fun.  Or girls are troopers and love digging to find things so it's really a family affair!  We spend lots of Saturdays hunting down finds.  So I thought I would share our latest treasures......

A couple of weeks ago we found lots of fun crocks, redwing bowls, cookie jar and some yellow ware
I really love these and never knew redwing made these kinds of things,....did you?
Next up is a fun find, not antique by any stretch but it was really cute....what I loved was what it really was....a trash bin!

This next item is a shelf thingy and I knew the second I saw it I had to own it....I bought it for only $5. Everything on it I have found at yardsales with exception to the candles and the crow's cute don't you think?

Next up are a couple of pottery is a modern crock and the other a yellow ware bowl, but the find is that long wooden plank's for either French bread or thin loaf bread, estimated age is 100 years! Have you ever seen one of theses?

Okay now we have found a few crocks but this butter churn is missing it's lid and stick, it's a number 3 if you have one that you are wanting to sell.....let me know!

Lastly for this weekend was this dough bowl, I have several but this one is a beauty!  I wish it could tell me the stories of days past, it's over 100 years old....I love it.  

Isn't it gorgeous!?!?!?  Until next time.......

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Its a Signature Quilt Parade!!!!

First I have to tell you about this place before we hit the parade!  We moved from Brooklyn, New York to the small town of Spring Hill, Florida when I was 8 years old.  And when I say small, I mean small! There was a place called The little Red Schoolhouse ........ This place was the gathering place for anything crafty and also the town library.  It was very cute inside and I can remember walking into the building the air conditioning would welcome you in with a blast.  Florida is HOT and I mean HOT!  I beelined outta there when I turned 21 for a job in Denver, Colorado with Frontier Airlines.  But I have the fondest memories of the Lil' Red School House, every Tuesday evening my mother and sisters and I would go and do ceramics, that was the big craft back then (think 70's)..... to the left of this building is the community baseball field I used to play on growing up.  I belonged to the city league Suncoast Ecologists.  To the right of the building was the community center where they held wedding receptions and meetings and the annual Chicken Pluckin Contest.....yep you read that right, check out that link....I am even in that photo of everyone on the stage, I am the little girl all the way on the right on the ground up against the stage with my hand on my hip! hahahaha!    I scrapped this page back in 2008 and posted it on my other blog of whose password I can't remember nor would BlogSpot release so I had to start this blog....oh well....its mainly scrapbooking stuff....browse around if you so feel inclined. Okay funny story over....

ANYWAY, knowing my LOVE for this place of fond memories when I was browsing the pages of Kathleens book that we are working out of I spotted this little quilt and thought YEP!!!  Its next!
So here you go for next Quilt Along for August!   SO HERE IT IS!!!! AUGUST QUILT ALONG!!!!

Little Red Schoolhouse!  Page 62 Yippee!!!

 Please Please, In the comment section of this post let me know if you want to go on with more littles in September on or not .... this was going to be our last quilt and we were going to resume with Sinta and Sherry's Quilt alongs.  

As always color is YOUR choice!  Have fun and remember to send me an email with your photo and link to your blog if you so choose On or before August 31 for the September 1st Parade.

And now onto the Parade!!  I just love ALL the entries!!!! They are all sweet looking!!!  So sit back and enjoy the show!

First up Sue, loving the Rich colors and antique feel of the boarder!

Mandy, I look at this and think Laura Ingalls!
  Love the choice here of flowers 

Mickey, oh the pinks and browns!  Need I say more?  Great color combo!

Terri, this one has hilarious sayings from her Grandmother!  Click on the photo and see if you can read it and the use of Hearty Good Wishes fabrics by Janet Clare, her Grandmother lived at the beach hence the use of fabrics!  Great tribute!

Robin used lovely prints, loving the civil war feel to this, she also sent in  a close up shot so you can read the quotes!

Peggy did a lovely version of this quilt and its already displayed and on the counter!  Way to go Peggy! digging the red white and blue!

Next up is  Mindy's she did what I thought about doing and now I wish I had adding extra blocks! great job and I love the fabric used for the borders!  

Laurie did a beautiful job Stitching her sayings which read
Live simply, Care deeply, Love generously, Speak kindly, & From simple things... come simple joy.

Sandy did a lovely version I really like how soft it looks.

Tania did a great job too!  Love the flower border...sooooo pretty!

And then there is mine, just a flimsy but I will be adding a red border and it will pop...

.I just love all the versions this month and thank each and everyone of you for participating!  Enjoy the next months quilt along and remember to let me know if you want to continue beyond this quilt for September by telling me in the remarks!   Enjoy everyone and meet you back here soon!


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