Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July Quilt Along Parade!!

Hello my friends and Happy 4th of July!!  A few days late from the first but we were Celebrating the fourth with all kinds of festivities and didn't have a moment to really focus on this post.  Which I really like to give credit to all you lovelies that work so hard taking the time making your projects! 
so here we go........

Robin not only made one but TWO quilts, one in red and one is them both!
Great job and let me say she is FAST, she had them to me in the first week I believe!!
And here is what she wrote me, " (I had copied a photo from Pinterest before learning Kathy was patterning it in her new book), so I made another in red and white!"

That folks is incredibly talented!!!  Thanks Robin!

Next up is Judy.  I really like the dark fabric with design.  It really gives it texture.  And her quilting is beautiful!  Great job Judy.

Next up is Mandy all the way from the UK!  She wrote:
"I loved making this cute offering. This would be lovely as a full sized quilt . I bet it would look great done in solids with blackground (very amish). "  
I would have to agree with Mandy....I may try to make an amish offering!

And lastly is mine....I chose brown as my dark fabric to match my d├ęcor which is mainly primitive. 

I thank you ladies for your participation!  Now get your sewing machines ready and cutters in is next months challenge!!!  Go grab your "Sew Charming" book for this month...

....... since we are SSSOOOOOO hot here In over 100+ for a week I choose " Snowballs and Nine Patches"

Can't wait to see the variations!!  If your wanting to join the group, come on board!!! 

In the meantime, have a blessed day!


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