Saturday, August 9, 2014

Been finding treasures!

Oh have we been having lots of fun!  Hubby and I have always had a lot of fun yard saleing, picking, treasure hunting or whatever you prefer to call it, but we do have fun.  Or girls are troopers and love digging to find things so it's really a family affair!  We spend lots of Saturdays hunting down finds.  So I thought I would share our latest treasures......

A couple of weeks ago we found lots of fun crocks, redwing bowls, cookie jar and some yellow ware
I really love these and never knew redwing made these kinds of things,....did you?
Next up is a fun find, not antique by any stretch but it was really cute....what I loved was what it really was....a trash bin!

This next item is a shelf thingy and I knew the second I saw it I had to own it....I bought it for only $5. Everything on it I have found at yardsales with exception to the candles and the crow's cute don't you think?

Next up are a couple of pottery is a modern crock and the other a yellow ware bowl, but the find is that long wooden plank's for either French bread or thin loaf bread, estimated age is 100 years! Have you ever seen one of theses?

Okay now we have found a few crocks but this butter churn is missing it's lid and stick, it's a number 3 if you have one that you are wanting to sell.....let me know!

Lastly for this weekend was this dough bowl, I have several but this one is a beauty!  I wish it could tell me the stories of days past, it's over 100 years old....I love it.  

Isn't it gorgeous!?!?!?  Until next time.......


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