Friday, May 1, 2015

May 1st Temperance Parade!!!

This months quilt was called Temperance, which stands for the Women's Christian Temperance Union, their colors Blue and white.

So I decided to do a little research and copy and paste an excerpt from the WTCU website which is still in operation today!  click on the link to read more about it!  Anyway here was what it had to say about why this organization was formed:

Welcome, and thanks for visiting the official site of the The  Woman's Christian Temperance Union.

The WCTU was organized by women who were concerned about the destructive power of alcohol and the problems it was causing their families and society.

They met in churches to pray and then marched to the saloons to ask the owners to close their establishments.

These activities are often referred to as the "Women's Crusades" and their success was both the forerunner and impetus for the founding of the WCTU. For more about the Crusades, CLICK HERE.

WCTU members chose total abstinence from all alcohol as their life style and they adopted this definition of temperance:

  • Temperance may be defined as:
  • moderation in all things healthful;
  • total abstinence from all things harmful

All very I am not advocating...just educating!  Look at me being a poet! haha

Okay so this last month we made Kathleen Tracy's Quilt T is for Temperance and I must say this is probably one of my favorite quilts!!!  Same opinion of many of you that are in the parade as well!

Before we start the parade here is the Next up for June 1st Parade!  I choose something that was fast and easy because I do know May brings on alot of festivities for some....Prom and Graduations, BUT there is also Memorial day in May and I am very Patriotic so I decided to have one that honors Memorial Day for the June 1st Parade I have chosen TWO can do one or the other or BOTH!!!  Your choice!!!  First up we have....Okay wait....grab up your scraps!!!!!

                                                     Scrap Squares by Kathleen Tracy!  

And the other Star Medallion also by Kathleen Tracy!

I am going to try to do both, what about you???????

Now lets get onto the Parade!!! Each and everyone of them are FABULOUS!!! You ladies did a wonderful job!!!

Betty Lou submitted her small quilt and it is so lovely!!!  I really like the borders and the background tans....really lovely job!

Jodi did a marvelous job on her little quilt....did you notice how she did hers with the T's being white!!  I love it!!!

Cathy did hers in a 12" square to hang on her table quilt hanger, beautiful, I love the quilting and the red binding.

Anna's is absolutely stunning they way she used that vine boarder print and that medallion of Abe Lincoln!  Very creative!

Susan's turned out lovely and I really like the modern twist with the border print...super job!

Laurie did an AMAZING job quilting hers!!!  I am totally loving the lines...wonderful job Laurie!

Nancy made hers for her sons college apartment for next year, what a lovely gift!!! and a lucky son!

Mickey made her flimsy and is the lucky one with a new machine!!!! Enjoy Mickey, beautiful quilttop!

Robin made her little quilt and hand quilted it which I think is stunning!  I love the little paisley border!  

And lastly is my flimsy....I am also going to hand quilt this one and I would have gotten that done BUT a lady drove into our carport and flattened that, moved the garage, totaled my sisters car and really damaged my hubbys truck....NOBODY was injured which was a huge blessing, but the insurance sure is being slow and our cars are still trapped 3 weeks later and many many phone calls and adjusters and estimates....sigh.....but anyway at least I got the flimsy done!

I am so pleased with all the beautiful quilts!!!!  And if your visiting for the first time, Welcome and feel free to join my blog with the button to the right!  If you would like to join our group , feel free ANYTIME!!!!  You don't need an invite, just read the rules right here:

Thank you for stopping by, leave some love for these ladies and remember....God loves you!!!!


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