Thursday, December 4, 2014

December 1st parade! Broken Dishes!!!

Well Hello everyone.....let me start by saying I have been having quite the time trying to get this post up!  For some reason my desktop will NOT load my pictures, I have spent 3 days watching that little circle struggle to upload photo's to my post!  I went on my IPAD and I loaded the pictures just fine but it wouldn't let me write anything without it moving the pictures everywhere!  What on earth!  So I got smart.....I loaded all the pictures on my IPAD and then saved the draft and wrote everything on my desktop.  Anyone out there know what the problem is?  Ahhhhh gotta love technology!  So my apologies to everyone involved. 

For December I would encourage you to finish up any projects that didn't quite get done or maybe one of the littles that need quilted!!!  I would be happy to post anything you finish on my blog for a January parade if you so like......Or just enjoy the Season of Christmas and the love of your family!!!!  We will meet back here January 2015 for the kick off of the New book we will be working from....see the bottom of the parade! hehe

And now the moment we have all been waiting for ......THE PARADE OF BROKEN DISHES!!!!!  Let me tell you this is my all time favorite pattern....just makes me think of all the scraps from dresses that were made thrown in a basket and then making a cute little doll quilt for a girl at Christmas time!!!  Okay so here we go!!!!!

First Up:  Mickey's broken dishes are so pretty with that soft boarder!  and the staging is just as I would imagine that time period, just lovely!
Laurie used up all her scraps from two charm packs to make a Christmas table that creative boarder and kudos to you to use all the leftovers!

Who doesn't love a good pokadot!!!  Robins version is so scrappy and pleasantly set!  really like the boarder here!

Sandy created this lovely making a smaller is so adorable!  I love the warm colors, really pretty!

Sue created this version which the colors are delish!!!  great detail on the quilting Sue!

Terri  made this lovely, I am really digging the rich color scheme!  And that vinette, WOW!!!  Super job Terri!

And now mine!  I made mine using 2.5" squares from a Mini charm pack and then had to add a little bit more fabric because it didn't quite get me all the squares I needed. 

Beginning in January 2015 we will be working from the book titled: 

101 Fabulous Small Quilts by That Patchwork Place (see photo in post below) I really do hope you continue to join us and more are welcome!!!!  Thank you to those that have participated in this book, it was great fun and now we have lots of adorable little quilts to give or to decorate with!!!  Enjoy!


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