Monday, February 23, 2015

Three Finishes!

Welcome everyone!  Today is the link up Party from Roses of Inspiration party. Go take a peek and browse not only Stephanie's beautiful blog but there are many links to other ones as well!

Back in January I told on myself to force myself finish all of my UFP's...unfinished projects, you can find that post right Here.  Well I am very happy to report I finished not only One, or two .....but THREE of the quilt tops that needed completed!

Here I was in the process of completed one of them....
I have to tell you if you haven't tried these clips instead of pins you MUST!  I love them and it's so refreshing to not poke myself and bleed all over the place. Seriously a must have! 

Okay so here are pictures of two of the quilts.  I made them for a friend and designed the pattern myself.  I like the colors, they are soft and ladylike.  

Next up is a quilt I started about three or four years ago but never did quilt it and get it on the table.  I had made and finished the 8 placemats that went with it but never got around to finish this one, now I am glad I did, it's now on the table.  I also took a detailed photo of my this method, I free minded that's a new made up word from yours truly, instead of free hand I used my mind and came up with the quilt design for this quilt...hence free minded it.  Okay , okay, now you know I can amuse myself!  Until next time, God Bless you and your home.  Remember God Loves YOU!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Over 100 years old.............

Not me, but some days I feel that way!! LOL  Actually this year I will be celebrating the 1/2 century mark, even tho I don't feel like I am that age, I still think I am so much more younger, well at least my mind, my joints are another story! LOL

Back to the subject at hand....I was shopping in my local Antique store that I try to visit once a month because the inventory changes all the time.  I walked in and BOOM!!!  There it was , in all its glory hanging on a quilt rack was this gorgeous quilt, hand pieced and quilted.....I felt like I was in a dream when I looked at the price tag!!!  Then the shop owner made me a deal....

Take a look, I will be right back after the photo's to tell you my deal!!!

yes there are a few stains and I will be giving it a bath to try and remove said stains but either way its beautiful!!!  I wish it could speak because I would love to know the story.  What the shoppe owner could tell me is that it was Pre WWI  !!!  Crazy, so I said it is lovely , they said well we can give you a better deal because the owner just wants it to go to a good home to someone that can care for it.....Well then how much?  We can do .....are you ready for it???????????????????
$60 !!!!!!  I couldn't believe my mind, I almost had to pinch myself because I never believe it could be real that I can own a quilt that old for so little!!!!  you see quilts this age in this condition can usually fetch so much more!!!  And so now it will have a bath and a place of honor in my home!  

Now of course I did alittle more shopping and have to show you what I came away with.....

This one isn't anything facy but it is pretty, so it came home with me...hehe

Love the roses on the next two.....

This one they tell me is pre WWII , It has an opulecent finish...just gorgeous. And I love the feet!

This bag holder is from Germany and was just so cute!

Now this next one is my favorite, it is very small and just so delicate also English...but just so lovely!

And lastly was this quilt kit!!!  Just sew the pieces together is all!!!  And the price, not sure if you can read it...was only $3.50!!!!  So that made its way into my basket! 

all in all it was a great haul!  I was so very happy!!!  Until next time, have a Blessed day!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Life has kept me busy!

Hello and welcome if your here by way of Roses of Inspiration be sure to hit Mr. Linky after you've finished reading my ramblings, tons of great blogs will be featured!!!

Life has been a very busy highway for me lately!  First was my and my loves 27th Wedding Anniversary in January...can't believe its been that long!  We have been married since I was two! LOL!  Here is a photo taken by yours truely a few days after our anniversary while having dinner at Chilis.

....I must add, hubby took me to Ruths Chris  for dinner on our Anniversary and I did not get a photo!!! Crazy but guess we were caught up in the moment...Very lovely restaurant!  and he also sent me these two lovely arrangements.......

Next up we attended The Shriners Crab Feed to raise money for their Organization.  They treated our daughter 9 years ago when she was diagnosed with Progressive Idopathic Scoliosis.  She had corrective surgery at their facility in Utah and it was an AMAZING surgery.  Such lovely people worked at the hospital and the Doctor even prayed with us before surgery.  She grew 4 inches that day and has done super ever since!!  Sidetracked there....but here are some pictures from that evening....

Hubby with his buddy Roger 

Me with his wife Phyllis......GREAT COUPLE! 
Now when I eat crab I do it totally different from the norm.....I crack , split, dig and pile it high, then pour some butter over it and dig in!!!   Look at my gold!!!! haha

I was the envy at the table!!! LOL

Next on the agenda Me and a few of the ladies from the board (I am womens minstries director at our church) organized a Valentines Dinner, Music and Silent Auction to raise funds for new tables in our multipurpose room....we are in desparate need of new tables but the Lord is providing for us and things are going great!!!  I believe we almost have enought to purchase 24 tables from just two events! Woohoo!  Here are some photo's from that evenings events....

First up me and the hubster...he was goofing off and we had to take two photo's  here they are.....

Our Eldest and her boyfriend of almost three years....
 Our other daughter with her friend........
Our very dear friends that we spend quite a bit of time with....

Our friend Karen , aka adopted Grandma
the table decorations
and lastly a photo of my FAVORITE piece we won at the auction....we won several things but this is my fav.....a very old candlestick holder made all of wood!!! I had that used candle that fit perfectly with my new holder and it looks great on my ice box with water cooler on top!  We also won an old printers press drawer where they kept their letters....OH SO COOL, just couldn't get a good photo.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to let me know you visited!!!!  May Gods Blessings be yours today!! 

Oh an Update on the Unfinished finishes I have quilted THREE tops and am working on putting on the binding!!!  Will post pictures VERY soon with the finished products....and to date I have made 
25 total Hat pins.  Will post updated photo's soon!  Check back!! Or you can just click that button over on the right of my blog and join for updates!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Beautiful Teacup find!

If your here from Stephanie's Roses of Inspiration Link up Party welcome to my blog!  If you've never been to her party you must go!  Just click the link for tons of warmth and inspiration!

On my way home from Church on Sunday I happened upon an Estate Sale sign and well , I am easily persuaded when it comes to an estate sale!!!  So my Van knowing this happily complied and turned and drove right to the sale!!!  Good van Good!  lol

So I walked it and I am telling you the music qued, the lights shone, the teacups sparkeled and were singing, COME BUY ME!!!!!  What is a girl to do?  Well buy them of course!!!  And so here they are and I am going to share them with you!!!!!  Take a look at the detail, just so pretty, feminine and delicate!!!

ALL 8 of them for only $45!!!!!  Bone china are some, Germany, Japan and England....They are all my favorite, I just can't pick one!!!!

This one I loved because of the bird, when I turned it over I had to laugh, its  TELEFLORAL!!!!  Which means someone recieved flowers in this lovely, but I didn't care that it wasn't anything fancy, I just love the birds and butterflies!!!!

This one, well I almost couldn't breathe when I saw is handpainted.....I had to have this one!

Now I am not sure about you but blue teacups are hard to come by in these parts and its my favorite color so yep, you guessed it, I had to have it!

And this delicate Rose, just so lovely/

Another BLUE ONE!!!! What are the chances????

And this one, oh my it made my heart skip a beat!!!!!!  I love, love, love this one.....isn't it beautiful!!!!!!

Now I need to show you what I have been up to, I have been busy making these.....tell me honestly what do you think?  Do you think they would sell?  I am making them for a craft show in November. I know November seems so far away but I have so many ideas of things to make I have to start now!!!!  

So lovely people have a great Tuesday and remember God is Love and HE LOVES Y O U!!!!!!!


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