Monday, February 24, 2014

AYOS Jersey Girl

Although I am really a New York Girl I have to say I love love love this quilt!   Once again Sherry and Sinta picked another FABULOUS quilt designed by Carrie of Miss Rosies QUilts.

I was going to post this the same day as my below post BUT right after I hit the post button I got a phone call that our daughter was in a car accident.  Needless to say my heart stopped.  She was fine.  Someone rearended them at the light because they locked their breaks on ice.  She was a passenger.  She was a bit sore but did great.  She has fully recovered and is back at her developmental therapy.

Okay so I tried posting this post for about a week but for some reason my desktop would not upload this picture...oh brother, what a week!  Stay tuned for the March first Schnibbles.  Mine is in the works, and I am hoping it all comes together very soon.  Until then.....enjoy!

 So sorry for the delay but here is my version of Jersey girl

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Busy stuff at the homestead!

Hi all,

I owe you an apology....I have deserted my blog since OCTOBER!!!! Crazy I know but I have been so super busy I didn't know If I was coming or going!  We had an awesome Holiday Season and celebrated the Birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, PTL.  It was all smooth going and just a peaceful relaxing time.

Okay so I have been sewing, didn't put down the needle and thread for very long BUT I don't have pictures to share just yet....I will with my next post....I have to take them, I find it is just to convenient to take it with my cell and forget to upload them to my computer and so I will do that later this afternoon. 

I am currently doing Schnibbles quilts, a Saturday sampler with my local quilt group and then just sewing for you could say I do have a "few" projects in the works. 

So as you can see I am still alive and sewing, just been a bit busy with the "stuff" of life.  Will be back to post some pictures!!! Thanks for hanging in!


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