Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April's Thimble Blossoms

Today I am so excited about the quilt I am about to post for Sinta's and Sherri's  AYOS Challenge except it isn't AYOS it is Camille's Thimble Blossoms Pattern "Spools".  The parade will be posted on their blogs May 1st so be sure to stop by and look at all the lovelies made this month by other Quilters around the globe. 

  As long as I can remember I have wanted to make a Mini Quilt that I could hang in my sewing area, why I have waited this long one will never know! LOL  But alas It is a quilttop!  One step closer, now to just quilt it.  And I know what I am going to do and when its finished I will post it, however I don't think it will be finished by tomorrow because of other commitments so I am posting the top today. 

And now the fabric, oh yes I love, love, love this fabric by Lynn Hagmeier makes the most beautiful fabric lines for Moda and she uses colors that coordinates with all of her lines....I love that....so if you need some more and there isn't any left of that one you can grab one out of her other lines that will fit perfectly.  The colors are rich and ones I use in my home.  One thing I must confess, I did add another 2inch border around the quilt (the dark flowers) because I was really smitten by it and needed the spools to pop....so if you purchase one of these patterns from Camilles site just be aware I added the extra border. 

Here is the quilt top "Spools"  Let me know you were here!!!


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