Monday, March 30, 2015

Too Good Not To Share!!!

So my friend Vonne of 28 years posted this funny thing on my facebook wall and I thought I really had to share with all my is was to funny to not share!!! But before I do I have to explain a funny story about Me, Vonne, Sewing and Scrapbooking.

Vonne, so a fun friend, was a scrapbooker...and I mean diehard! And me well, thread runs through my veins.  One day as we were discussing our hobbies we decided the other one should try I said I will do a page if you make something...and so the challenge was on.  I attended a D.O.T.S party which is now Close to my heart , at Vonnes home in Denver.  It was a stamping party.  I bought a few stamps and markers, in the mean time Vonne and I headed out the the fabric store and purchased material for a tank top for her.  Okay all materials were in and so we started.  She taught me to make a few cards and I did, boy was I PROUD of myself!! And Boy were the cards pretty plain!!!  But I stood up on my end and now it was hers.  She made a tank top out of flag print material for the 4th of July Celebration at church and  it turned out GREAT!!!  Then she asked to make her husband a pair of pants, sweats like....Okay lets do it!  She picked out some camo material, cut it out and sewed them up and then called.....and the conversation went something like this.....

Vonne:  Well I made the pants and I am now at the waist band, but elastic is very expensive!
Me:  That is great!!! and yea it can be expensive but he will need them to keep his pants up.
Vonne:  I suppose, well okay gotta run!

A few days later she calls me:

Vonne:  Hey guess what I finished Larry's pants!
Me:  Great!  Did you find the elastic?
Vonne:  No I just took the elastic off a pair of his underware and used that!!!
Me:  Shakes head.....

LOL  isn't that the funniest????  I laughed and laughed about that for YEARS and still giggle when I think about it!!!  So today on my wall my dear friend Vonne Posted this...we just laughed and laughed!!! Could you imagine???  Enjoy my friends!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Tea Cup Exchange.

Hello all!  And welcome to the Teacup exchange hosted by Stephanie over at The Enchanting Rose.
I was happy to send a teacup and fun goodies to Linda over at Lady Linda's Blog.  I had such fun putting her package together!  I am glad she liked everything!

OKay so I was Blessed by Kitty over at Kittys Kozy Kitchen to recieve such LOVELY items and the most Darling teacup!!!!  I Love her blog too and I must say go take a peek because she has THE most Awesome recipes, you won't be disappointed!  Let me share some photo's.....

Everything arrived Beautifully packaged and I had so much fun unwrapping each item.....dont you just love that dishtowel?!!!  The tea variety was very nice and I have already begun sampling them in my teapcup which I so fact I drink from it at least 3 times a week!  hehe Here is a close up of the cup and saucer

Notice all the bright springy colors!  I just love this selection, Kitty THANK YOU so very much!!! I am Blessed!!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy National Quilting Day!

Hello everyone!  Been wanting to post the fun fabrics I am using in this months small quilt challenge!   And as it so happens it's National Quilting day and well it's a great day to sew!  Most of these fabrics are from Jo Mortenson's collection....aren't the colors just so fabulous?  I love all things primitive and in fabrics civil war prints...tell me isn't this going to be great!  Hehe, I feel like a little school girl!

Stay tuned for the finished top!  

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Valentines Page 2015

It has been a very long time since I have scrapped a page!  I have so much product that If I scrapped a page a day I have enough stuff to scrap for decades! lol   And I am the type that will use old stuff even if it isn't in fashion...I liked it when I bought it and I like it now.

And so on Valentines day Womens Ministries put on a Valentines dinner and silent auction and one of the things to do was to have a photo taken with your "sweetheart"  and that I did! Me and my hubby Valentines 2015....  Here is the finished page with some new and old product.

The caption reads " Loved you yesterday love you still always have always will"  
Perfect saying!  

Thank you for stopping by!  If you want to join my site just click on the button to the right! 
And remember...."God loves you!"

Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Answer All Invitations Parade of small quilts!

Hello and Welcome to the Parade!  If your here from the link up party at Roses Of Inspiration please pull up a seat!    Lots and lots of talented quilters and I tell you they are ALL beautiful!  Super job ladies each and every one of you!  I know your all excited to see all the pretties but first let me share what next month will bring!  I really had a tough time deciding this month because there are sooooooo many lovely quilts to choose from but this one spoke the loudest to me and so here it is.....I do want to share the final deciding factor....just under the title it reads...

"The double hourglass block used in this quilt is a reminder of how time may have crept by slowly as women during the Civil War waited for news about their husbands, sons, and fathers who had enlisted."  

It really made me stop in my tracks and think about how agonizing it must have been for them because they didn't have the technology or the communication capabilities we have today.  In a few seconds we can get a message on our phones from across the world.  We can stream video and live video chats in real time.  But not these women, they had to wait for a messenger to come by on a horse.  And their news was sent weeks and sometimes months prior, not milliseconds like we this quilt is for all those women that waiting and is to them I dedicate this quilt...please turned to page 72.........."Double Hourglass"

And now onto the Parade!  Again these ladies did an awesome job!  I loved them all!

First up we have Vivan from Iowa, She made an extra Row on hers using 1800's repro the scrappy look....and that little twig bed is her favorite doll bed.....I can see why!

Jodi tells me she had fun making this quilt and I would have to agree with her!!!  It turned out so pretty, lovely colors Jodi!

Annette in Wishconsin used beautiful yellows and blues!  So soft and lovely...and that quit rack is awesome!!  That machine is everyones envy! hehe  Great job!

Gail used a Charm pack from Minick & Simpson Called Independence Trail....Love the Americana Colors!!! and the white backdrop :0)  Nice Job Gail!

Mickey used up some scraps from a garage sale with four patches already clever is that!!!!  Hers is made in Flannel!  Love that bed...very cute Mickey!

Robin made this version but made it a little smaller turning out an 18"x18" quilt...DARLING!!!! This one really pops!

Susan also made hers smaller and made it half size to measure 12 1/2 x 12 1/2 "...Love that hanger!!!  Nice color palette Susan!
Anna also used Americana colors and I LOVE This!!!  If you really look closely you will see she quilted stars in it!!!  AWESOME Job Anna!!!
Cathy sent us this Rockin Version.....Love the color combo really lovely job, just beautiful! 

Lori did this very cheerful spring color version..oh o makes me long for warmer weather and flowers!  Super sweet !

And lastly Mine....I used Token of Friendship charm pack by Kansas Troubles.  Love the colors so rich! I will say that for some reason the blue looks electric, I promise its just a regular ole navy blue, lighting was way off today as we have grey skies.....sigh.
Thank you ladies for participating and if your visiting and would like to join us p!ease do!  We are an opened quilt along!  Be sure to leave some love for these beautiful quilts made by my friends!  Until next time!  God loves you!


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