Friday, April 24, 2015

Tea Party in April!!!

Hello all!  I wanted to share a few photo's taken by my phone because I FORGOT the Cannon....sigh...anyway glad my phone has a good lens!

I am sharing this post over at Stephanie's Roses Of Inspiration party!  One you don't want to miss, it is filled with beautiful blogs and inspiration!

Every spring the Women's Ministries Board hosts a Tea Party with  a theme and this year it was Aprons!  Oh the wonderful Aprons and the stories that went with them were fabulous!!!  I decided to go ahead and make cute ones for me and the girls but remembered that youngest had purchased a darling apron a few months back so she was set.  I made mine and my other daughters...they turned out cute.  Here we are, what do you think?  If you look closely at mine I have flowers, Teapots and teacups all over my fabric.

Behind us was a wall filled with aprons from the early 20's on up!!!  One of the gals gave  a story on the history of Aprons and it was NEAT!!!!

So I hosted my table, brought my china to church and set up my table.....I stopped at Michaels and picked up a few things...mainly the flowers for the centerpiece...they were 60 % off!  What a steal!
I woke up VERY early the day of the tea to see my hubby off and well I figured I was up I might as well make myself do something so I made name cards, I love love love K & Company, see post below and so I used K&Company cardstock and embellishments.  

For each of the ladies at my table I gave them a cute teapot hatpin made by me, they loved them!  It brings me such joy that they appreciated the little gift.

Next up is the way I rolled the silverware, very inexpesive but it looks lovely.  I took the silverware rolled it in a napkin, then rolled it in a doily, tied it with a sheer pink ribbon and embellished it with a K & Company butterfly embellishment and stuck the hatpin in the ribbon area. ( I noticed after I took the picture my doily slipped out of position....forgot to take another photo after I fixed it!!! sigh.....

Next photo is the table....I had so much fun setting it up....wish you all could have been there with me!  We had a most delightful time and the speaker was lovely. I made sure every setting had a different teacup.

.....thanks for stopping by and remember ....God Loves you!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A little Retail Therapy

Welcome if your over here from Stephanies blog, The Enchanting Rose and are linking from
Roses of inspiration party.  GLAD YOUR HERE!!!!

You could say I have done my part to spur on the economy!!!  Today after a very stressfull two weeks because of an accident of someone driving into our carport and damaging the entire carport, moved the garage off its foundation , totaled my sisters car and my husbands utility truck I had about all I could take dealing with adjusters and insurance people and its still not settled nor will be for a couple of weeks and it is a shambles!!!  My hubbys truck and suv sit under the carport...sigh....

So whats a girl to do you ask?  How about a little retail therapy???? I hit Michaels and boy did I do some damage there!!!  Take a look at these photos:

My all time FAVORITE scrapbook embellishment is made by K & Company and is getting harder and harder to find They are flowers, butterflies, and birds...embellishment stickers...if you have any you want to get rid of let me know!!!!!....but I was lucky and found these!!!  And some cute pointsettias for christmas time!  (yup all clearanced!)  And look at that beautiful wood stamp!

Next I found these and let me tell you they were only $1.00!!!  The spools each have 6 yards of the prettiest Lace!!!  My goodness I I think I left only 8 spools there......Okay I bought like 30 or 40 spools????  Sick I know....And those flowers!!! My goodness!  They were only $1.00 too!!!!  Yep I got ALOT....

Then I strolled into the clearance section on the back wall!!!  Found these 4 packages of chipboard waiting to be painted and crackled and sprinkled with glitter!!!  They were only $2.50!  Gasp!

Last up and my last stop was our only Local Scrapbook store that is hanging on ...barely....sad to see scrapbook stores close, but I bought these lovlies and  some twine/rope stuff.  Oh do I have things in my head!! haha!!!  Anyway.....This is the damage I did today.....I used the money I made from my craft show back in November....I have been saving it for that one day I wanted to go and splurge!!! I did and the household budget wasn't touched!  

I will be back to regular posting now that there is only one more thing to do for the insurance.  So now I can start crafting again....See you soon!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Today is " the" day.....I am the big golden egg....I Am 50 years old.  I can't believe it.  I don't feel old, I feel like I am in my 20's.  Could it be because I am short?  I only stand at 5'2" .......5'3" if I tease, backcomb, my hair.  At 50 I am in the best health I have ever been in, and now this year I am going to work on being in my best physical shape, muscle, tone, just overall shape.  That is my goal.  I must also mention today my sweet hubby turns 52!  We share the same birthday, it is kinda neat!

Here I am in my High School Graduation Picture

And here I am Today......

I was born 50 years ago today to Italian Imigrant parents in Brooklyn, New York ar Shore Road Hospital which no longer stands.  My father was 36 and my Mom was 27 years old when I was born. I am the 4th of 5 kids.  Both parents came to America for the opportunity.  My Parents names are written in the book at Ellis Isaland .   They went to school to become American Citizens and earned their Citizenship.  They met at an Italian American club in New York, yes they came over at different times and did not know each other until they met in America!   They fell in love and had 5 kids.  My brothers and sisters have Italian names, I have a German name...... We are 100% Italian.  So how did I end up with my name Tildamarie.  Well it goes like this....I am named after my Zia (aunt in italian) she got her name because her Grandfather was commissioned to America to help build bridges.  He and my grandfather came to America on work Visas and help build bridges.  They stayed with a host family, and one of the girls name was Tilda.  My grandfather loved it so very much, when he went back to Italy he and my Grandmother had a baby girl and named her Tilde, She is my namesake. My father, Guiseppe,  was very close to my Aunt Tilde and so he named me after her!  So even tho it is not Italian, it is an honorable name, and I am proud to be named after my Aunt Tilde!  

Okay so there you have it.  I was raised in New York for half my childhood, attended Catholic school then the other half my parents decided to move to Florida where I graduated from public school......I went to College and  when I turned 21 I moved to Denver hired by Frontier Airlines.

I met my hubby downtown Denver in the Cafeteria of  The Marriott Hotel....LOVE at first sight..he was so handsome!!!!!  We were married a year later and had our eldest a year after that and the other daughter 5 years after her.  We became Born again Christians before we married and God has Blessed us Beyond Measure ever since......We moved back to Florida for 3 short years while my hubby went to school and ended up landing in Idaho now for 16 years....we love it here!!!!

  That's it , my first 50 years!  I could go on and on but I won't bore you.....I just gave you the very short version.  

I. AM. 50!!!!! Still hard to believe, but age is just a number.    Thank you for stopping by!  Come back often and remember God Loves You!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 1st Parade!!! No foolin!!!

Happy April Fools Day!!!  But no foolin around over here!  We have a Beautiful parade scheduled and I must say all the quilts are Fabulous!!!  Lots of adjusting from the pattern took place which is something I just love to see!!!!

But first let me introduce next months Quilt for our little quilt along.  I decided we needed something small because we love small and also easy and fast because lets face it, April is a busy month!  So here is what I selected for this month.......LOVE IT!!!!! (It can be found on page 195 in our book)
Click HERE to Learn about the WCTU which is the story basis of this quilt.  Love History, don't you?

I have wanted to make that one for a long time and I think its perfect for such a busy month!

And now lets get on with the parade!

First up we have Robin she completed it the quilt but notice she did hers with 9 blocks and changed up the borders a bit.  Great job, love it Robin!

Mickey is next and made hers to fit her little bed!  I love it, just to adorable!!!!! Again and adjusted size for her doll bed.  Don't you love the crisscross????

Nancy has made hers using up her stash!  I think I need to follow her example, I have a lot of stash!  But I love the colors! Great job Nancy! 

Laurie made hers to fit her table using the original size for the blocks but adjusted the borders. great job on the quilting too!

Anna is up next and I really dig the yellow setting squares!!! Nice feel and makes the colors of the hourglass pop.  Super job!  

Cathy used a lovely floral border for hers which I really like and adjusted the border size and amount of blocks.  Really nice Cathy!

Gail made this GREAT little table runner in red white and blues!  Isn't it awesome?  Great job Gail!!!

And lastly mine....finished the top last night, I made mine according to the pattern not really thinking how large this was going to turn out.....but it is what it is! lol I am going to take my time with the quilting because I thought I would try something a little fancy in the setting squares.....well, we will see!!! 

 I can say I love the Civil War feel to this quilt....transported me back in time!!! What about you???  See you all next month at the next parade or if you like my ramblings in between as well!!!!
Thank you for stopping by and leave some love for these ladies!! They did a SUPER job!!!! 


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