Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 1st School house Parade!

Welcome to Fall Everyone and the September Parade!  Sorry for the delay but I didn't remember that the 1st would be Labor Day and was going to be out of town!  So very sorry, so lets just jump right in!  So I asked last month if you wanted to continue or discontinue the Quilt Along and I received an overwhelming response to continue!!!  And so I did think long and hard about it and decided to continue!  and sooooooooooo, October's Quilt will be on page 25 Bear's Paw Quilt!  I thought an easy one would be the recipe for this month with the kick off of fall and all that ensues with school starting!  Remember to upload a photo with your name to me at Tildagirl@ msn dot com by September 31st for the parade October 1st!!! 

So without further adu, lets begin the parade!  First up is Laurie's School house quilt, I just love what she did with the border!  So clever and my heart always swoons with Red, White and Blue!

Mindy's is so stunning with matching houses and that red, oh so beautiful!

I love , love , love the soothing colors Robin used in her quilt, very nice Robin!

Sue did an awesome job on hers and the colors are so striking, so very pretty and I love the back drop, really nice!

Last but certainly not least We have Terri's quilt, another beautiful choice of fabrics and great backdrop!

Now I know your wondering what happened to mine, well I was just about done with it when unexpectedly I found myself taking care of my 90 year old neighbor who was failing fast and was so very hard to watch.  She really couldn't do anything for herself much anymore, my heart was breaking and so we called her family.  They came  and we helped them move to her grandsons home in a neighboring state.....today is the first day I have had to even breath and I am hoping my heart heals soon , I really loved that ole gal, we spent many a days talking and sitting out on the porch for the past 8 years, I am really going to miss her  ....I will add mine to the parade in a couple of days......oh yea, I need to recharge the battery in my camera as well, used it all yesterday.....boy am I glad its fall and the routine is back to normal.  See you all soon! Glad we are going to continue!

So for now, have a wonderful day and see you real soon!!!!!


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