Friday, April 21, 2017

Tea Cup Exchange

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share with you about a Teacup exchange I recently joined and today is REVEAL day!!!
( my apologies for the delay as I just got a new IPhone 7 and could not for the life of me figure out how to upload the photos!  Sheesh!!!).

Stephanie over at The Enchanting Rose hosted the 10th  exchange and she always does such a lovely job!  Her blog is beautiful eye candy and she is so uplifting.  Go hop over and check it out.  If you click the link it will take you to see the exchange of other cups with out a blog.

Okay so I was given Cindy over at Consider it all joy, which I hope to meet in person one day as she has family in the next town over from me!!!  She has a very dear child Madi, that would enjoy meeting my girls I bet, and so I made sure that Madi had something special as well in the package!!  She is starting to decorate in an Beachy theme so the girls and I set out and this is what we found for her....a few of the items were handmade by me...can you guess which ones?

Mug mats

A stick pin


And I Recieve my package from Mary in Conneticut and WOW OH WOW was my package ever beautiful and packed full of beautiful things!!!  I was so happy, everything was gorgeous...take a lookat this eye candy!!
Look at all the fun stuff!!  Now to highlight

                                             Lots of delightful tea! 
The teacup....OH MY!!!  It came in that cute box along with a special spoon and two honey spoons!!

3 lovely scented candles which I will be using on my back porch where I spend a lot of evenings with the family and we always have candles going!

Oh be still my heart.....FABRIC!!!  Mary was so sweet to indulge me in some fabrics for my favorite pastime which is quilting.  Thank you so much I will be definitely be using these!  So very pretty!

Okay so I love, love, love little things....and this little ornament is so very cute I can hardly contain my delight!!!  I am in a happy place.

I am suspecting that Mary made this very pretty and springy table runner for me, it is on my formal dining table right now and is so very lovely.

Not sure how Mary knew I LOVE sunbonnet Sue!!!  She embroidered these towels just for me!! Even has my name on them!  Thank you so much!

and this lovely homemade card to boot!!  Mary hit it right out of the park with my package.....I was so moved by all the details and how she picked things that are special to Mary Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart!!  I LOVED EVERYTHING!!!!!!

To Stephanie, Thank you for pairing me up with two very lovely ladies!!!

Well my friends I hope you enjoyed the overload of beauty!  I will be back to post very soon, for those of you in the quilt club I apologize but we had a lot of not so fun things to take care of the past two months and now I think things are finally settling down.  See you very soon!!!



  1. Hi Tilda - Love the beach theme you did and the mug mats are beautiful. I am so delighted you love everything you received :-)

    1. Very Much so!!! And tomorrow is our church tea...guess what I will be using! ;0)

    2. Oops hit post before I was finished!!, thank you so very much I loved very thoughtful of you!!

  2. First, Tilda I LOVE everything you sent to Madi and I, we are so very grateful for your thoughtfulness and generosity toward us! The gift you received from Mary is delightful too, I'm sure you will enjoy each piece! Hoping all is well for you and your family. Will get an email off soon! Your card is in the mail! Blessings for a beautiful weekend! Cindy xo

    1. I thought Madi would like those items, has the adult color bug hit your home...alive and well here so we figured Madi would like to color this bookmark. We were so happy to Recieve your card today, I shared it with the girls. Thanks again!

  3. Tilda, I so enjoyed reading your post and feeling your excitement with you.
    WOW WOW WOW! Mary certainly did her home work. I love seeing how the ladies gift their recipients perfectly to their liking, amazing.
    Mary is one very talented lady and Stephanie sure paired you up well.
    Your gift to Cindy was precious and how thoughtful of you to remember Madi, what a blessing you are.

    So nice visiting with you~~

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  5. Good evening, my lovely friend! I so enjoyed seeing what you sent and received.

    May I just say that the package you sent to Cindy was one of my favorites because you went the extra mile in sending something to Madi. When I saw your gifts on Cindy's blog I had tears in my are so thoughtful and kind, my friend.

    I just love what you received from Mary! She certainly blessed you with an abundance of joy and loveliness.

    Thanks for joining the fun, my friend! And I hope you have a delightful time at your tea party tomorrow! Love to you!

  6. Hi Tilda, I love everything you sent, how sweet to include something for her daughter. Your quilting was fabulous as always. The gifts you received were also beautiful. I love the embroidered towels with your name on it - how personal. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I love giving and receiving homemade gifts! Your mug rugs are so perfect for beach themed decor!

  8. Oh such lovely treasures both coming and going - wow - such rich blessings to share with one another!

    We are so fortunate Stephanie is willing to work so hard so that so many may feel friendship and joy. She is a gem.

    Nice to meet you! : - )

  9. How thoughtful of you to include a gift for Madi. Turquoise is one my favourite colours so I'm loving the pretty teacup that you sent Cindy. Mary sent you delightful goodies. I'm always touched to see the love and care that go into these wonderful packages.

  10. You received a lovely parcel and the handmade items are such a special addition to it.



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