Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Quilt Along May 2017

Hi everyone!  Hope your all well and still with me.  Had to take a bit of a break to deal with some pretty serious stuff.  Now things have settled down a bit and we are finding our new normal.  So the last Quilt along was not well received which kind of surprised me but only Robin, Mandy and I participated.  Nonetheless I am still going to showcase our quilts and issue the new Challenge for the June Quiltalong.  So we left off with The Disappearing Four Patch.

Here is Robins, beautiful job as always with her quilting!  Nice job Robin

Mandy used lovely soft colors of white and lavender

And now mine
I decided to double the width just because no real reason...lol 
 I love the way it showcases my candle holder, gives it a kind of Little house on the prairie feel. 

So that was the big show.  Now onto next month.....Due on or before May 31st for the June first show.

I do hope you participate, now we are getting back on track!

Okay so hop on into your book

and open to page 21

This is a really fun project!  Hope to see what different fabrics you all come up with!!! See you all soon~~ Until then, enjoy the sunshine!


  1. I was hoping to participate but I've had 2 carpal tunnel surgery's in the last 2 months. I have the book and have been wanting to make this quilt. Now's my chance. Look forward to what everyone makes. Hugs

    1. Oh no Cathy!!!!! I hope your recovery is going well!!! Will say some prayers for a speedy recovery!

  2. Beautiful quilts Tilda, I love how you both did a completely different shape. Have a wonderful weekend and hope all is well in your part of the world.



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