Wednesday, May 31, 2017

June 1st Quilt along Parade

What?  It's JUNE 1st. Where did 2017 take off too?  I find as I get older time just whizzes by and doesn't care if it's fast to me, but when I was soooo very young all I could do is watch the clock and the hands of time never  Anyone there with me?

EDIT:  If you just found us or are wanting more info on the quiltlaong here is the breakdown of the Quiltalong in this post....we are working from these two books this year and you can join at any time!!!!


But for today I have a lovely show of small quilts to share with you!  This was a simple quilt but fun to put together and it went fast right along with 2017...they must have been holding hands! Haha

So let us begin with a lovely parade by some very talented quilters!

First up we have Cathys colorful top!  Very pretty nice colors they just pop and look so cheerful!

Next up in a beautiful Blue and cream is Judy's...she wrote It measures 12” by 14”.  It was fun to make.Real nice Job Judy!  You can find her blog here:

 and next up is Robin, here's what she said... Split Squares with some French General charm squares I had on hand.  I used fewer blocks so it measures about 16.5 x 20 inches.

And lastly Mine, I must confess I have had  my top finished for some time now  but didn't quilt it yet..... I am hoping to complete it sometime this week....but for now this is what I have.....I made it original size and after seeing the smaller version I wish I would have made mine smaller as well!

Beautifully done ladies!!!!  And now for next months challenge we go to the Small and Scrappy book by Kathleen Tracy....turn to page 20-21 and find your "BLUE AND WHITE!"

I think this is so darling and can't wait to make it look antique.....maybe even hand quilt it!!! 
Can't wait to see what you come up with....remember you can join at any time...just email me your photo of your finished quilt or quilttop  before the last day of the month along with a link to your blog.  See you all soon and enjoy all the eye candy!!!


  1. I love the little quilt parade. Also I like the next one you have chosen.

    1. Thanks you for playing along Judy! And yes I have had my eye on this quilt for a bit now! Have fun with it!!,

  2. What sweet doll quilts. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks you! Feel free to join in! Doors always opened!

  3. I don't do a blog but I love small quilts. Can I still join?

  4. New here. Is it required to buy a new book each month to join?

    1. Hi Sharon! Never to late to join and we are working out of two books this year, here is the original post!



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